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X8 soft bricked, forgot to turn on usb debugging

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X8 soft bricked, forgot to turn on usb debugging

Hi, I just installed and everything went good until I had to reboot, my phone got stuck on "Sony Ericsson". I did some research and found out I soft bricked my phone and that I need to install new kernel, I used with flashtool but it keeps saying that my phone have usb debugging off.

My problem now is I don't know how to turn debugging on without accessing phone settings, and I can't do that because my phone won't go past "Sony Ericsson". If you know how to turn usb debugging off please tell me.

Sorry if this was answered somewhere, I was searching but I wasn't able to find and I need to go for couple hours so posting here seems like best thing to do.

Thank you in advance.
Date: Dec 31, 2012   


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