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Google - Google Play (Market) Error: 923 and Insufficient Space

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Google Play (Market) Error: 923 and Insufficient Space

Recently did a factory reset, then rooted and unlocked.

Since then I'm getting errors downloading apps. This seems to occur only over the wireless connection, not over Wifi. I have verified that I can access the SD-card and external SD-card. have plenty of available storage space (per Settings/Storage): 2.58 GB app, 8.43 GB internal, 29.06GB SD card. Also have a good data connection per browser/weather app use!

These are the two errors I am seeing when trying to download apps from Google Play:

"App xyz" could not be downloaded due to an error. (923)

Error downloading "App xyz". There is insufficient space on the device.

Searched to find a fix, but couldn't find a good answer. Can anyone help me?
Date: Sep 29, 2012    Labels: Google


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