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PUK Code for Sprint SIM card

Photon 4G General - xda-developers -
Having used GSM phones in Europe for many many years, I am very familiar with the eight digit PUK code that is needed to unlock a SIM card when you input the incorrect code three times.

When I was on ATT, it was easy to get the PUK code - just login to your account and choose your device and you would see the PUK code listed there.

I wanted my PUK code for the Sprint SIM card that came with the Photon. Calling CS, the lady told me I could not have it as my account was less than 90 days old. She really had no idea what is was for - thinking it was a device unlock code.

I tried and phoned again (just like when you need that MSL code!) and after playing the "directory tree" game, got through to Sprint's international technical support department.

Again, I was told the same thing about the 90 days issue but then replied that I had converted to a business account. It seems that international use was pre-approved so after her talking with her supervisor, I finally got the PUK code. (She gave me 0000 as the first one, but PUK codes are definitely eight digits). The Sprint Int'l SIM had to be activated so she could issue me the PUK.

I saved the code and she promptly canceled the activation of the SIM as I asked her to do so. (Figured I would only activate it again if I really needed it.) Incidentally, they can activate the SIM just for int'l calls and no int'l data if you require - nice!

I rebooted the phone, put an incorrect PIN three times and was prompted on screen for the PUK - it worked!

So, if you want your PUK code, go to International Technical support and not the normal CS department. Hope this helps!
Date: Jun 28, 2012   


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