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Google - stopped working

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System Specs:


Android Version: 4.1.1 (now 4.1.2)

Kernel Version: CyanogenMod RaymanFX DHD (now raymanfx@faymanfx-iMac #1 Sat Oct 13 19:34:10 CEST 2012)

CyanogenMod Version 10-20120916-UNOFFICIAL-tf101 (now 10-20121013-UNOFFICIAL-tf101)

Problem stops working

What I have done so far:

Cleared cache

Cleared davlik cache

Removed Gmail account and re-added

Disabled ALL sync options

What I did to get here:

Installed TWRP (replaced Clockwork Recovery)

Installed CM10

Installed GooManager (for gapps)

Restored ALL apps I had/wanted back from the Play store

This problem occured immediately after I finished installing all apps. I dont know what one app might have caused this. I am trying to avoid a factory reset, but it seems this may not be avoidable at this current step. My question is, what else is there I can do short of a factory reset?

EDIT 1: just found out the GAPPS i am using is for 4.1.2. Would this cause the issue since i am on Android 4.1.1?

EDIT 2: Re-flashed the GAPPS from GooManager and it seems to be working better. I will update after testing it throughout my 24 hour duty.

EDIT 3: I let it go to "sleep" and when i woke it up, the process failed again.

EDIT 4: Used another version of GAPPS for Tegra. Now trebuchet crashes after going to sleep. Seems the GAPPS is the cause of the problem. Is there a stable version for my device and CM10? The latest crashes the and the later crashes trebuchet


EDIT 5: After a night of troubleshooting, I found out i was using version B3 instead of V6 of CM10. Thus the Android version of 4.1.1 instead of 4.1.2. I just flashed V6 to my tablet and now I am testing the device for compatibility with the first version of GAPPS that i had installed earlier. I will post results after my tests.

EDIT 6: So far so good, everything seems to be running normally. I have not had any problems for the last five hours. I hope this fixed my problem

EDIT 7: So after waking up to my tablet sleeping, i woke it and the process failed again. Is there a compadible GAPPS zip out there somewhere?

EDIT 8: Ok, so I decided to do a factory wipe, install CM10 V6 fresh. Then install google apps filename "" Seems that the google apps keeps failing. I even unchecked all the sync options and didn't put my account in until after i installed the google apps. At this time there are NO apps installed other than the default CM and GAPPS. I am officially stumped. HELP PLEASE!

EDIT 9: I did a factory wipe, no re-install of CM10 or GAPPS, just a standard wipe followed by clearing both caches. Upon reboot it wanted my credentials for google. Seems to be working ok, meaning it GAPPS is not crashing at this current moment. However, it has dropped WiFi on me while it went to sleep and came back. I told it to not turn WiFi off when it sleeps, but alas, it seems to be broken. Also, it lockes up randomly, and the only way to recover is to hold the power button to turn it off and then reboot. Thoughts?
Date: Nov 22, 2012    Labels: Google


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