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Help with Recovery/Reboot Problem

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Hi Guys,

I have the TF101 tablet and anytime I try to reboot it just stays at the first boot screen with the "Eee...." screen. Forever. If I hold down power and vol-down then hit vol up, it just stays there saying its booting recovery image but never changes. If I hold down volume long enough it comes to the factory reset/cold boot screen, if I choose cold boot it will boot.

I have rooted the tablet and had no problems previously, was able to flash roms and whatever else I wanted to do. Also, when I plug the tablet into my Windows XP machine, it does not detect the tablet in any way.

Tablet info:

Android Version: 4.0.3

with kernel

I don't remember what rom its running exactly but I know its a version of ICS
Date: Jun 23, 2012   

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