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Acer - A500 tablet won't boot, stuck on acer logo screen

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A500 tablet won't boot, stuck on acer logo screen

Dear forum

I know you guys hate noobs, but unfortunately I am one.

My A500 is stuck on the acer logo screen, and although I have read through many a post, I'm yet to find a noob-friendly tutorial. So help!

What happened? One day my A500 was out of juice. I plugged it for charging and got impatient. Pressed the power button too soon and too hard it seems. The tablet wouldn't boot beyond android screen. Tried soft reset, then hard reset (Power, Volume plus, lock). It reached the cog working android robot with yellow triangle once, and on trying repeatedly, it is now stuck perpetually on the acer logo screen.


What do I do?

Do please break it down for me.

I do have an SD card.
Date: Sep 9, 2012    Labels: Acer

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Is my tablet fixable?
Is my tablet fixable?


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