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how to rescue? "boot verified failed" "recovery verified failed"

Iconia A500 Q&A - xda-developers -
Edit: Solved - searched through bazillions of threads -- just about all of them referenced Timmy Dean threads



Attempts to run PBJ20upgrade.exe after getting into APX mode were failing me with invalid CPUID.

Of course when you can't boot, or get to recovery, there's basically NO WAY to get your CPUID. The number provided by using usbdview is NOT the CPUID; it's the serial number aka the same serial number on the sdcard cover.

Thankfully, some months ago I saved the CPUID / UID in a notepad doc on another machine. Grabbed that number, popped it in when PBJ20upgrade.exe prompted and the device is now recovered.

Will look into ICS upgrades again after the teeth heal up... need rest now.


Context: had my wisdom teeth pulled so I'm a bit medicated; not sure what I did in trying to do an ICS upgrade, but I seem to have hosed my tablet for sure. Didn't realize a tablet counts as heavy machinery. ;-)

Power on shows "boot verified failed" in red; attempting to boot recovery with the vol- shows "recovery verified failed" in red.

-I cannot boot straight nor can I get into recovery.

+The tablet supposedly IS able to get into APX mode, though.

+I have my UID and SBK saved on my desktop in a text file for use as needed.

I have tried using BlackThund3r's APX Flash tool with the EUUs_SBK_Acer_A500_1.016.05_COM_GEN1.a500apx package to no avail (the flash tool recognizes the tablet as an APX device once in APX mode, but each of the writes seems to fail).

What else can I try?

The few search results for anyone that has experienced both errors were for people that were within warranty that sent it back to Acer... well, I'm out of warranty.
Date: Jun 16, 2012   

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