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Samsung - SGH-i717 No network connectivity

AT&T Galaxy Note I717 Q&A - xda-developers -
SGH-i717 No network connectivity

Hey guys... I just picked up a


v 4.0.4

Black Star V LF6

LTE Sim, LTE phone, downtown Toronto

I just picked the phone up on the weekend.... It's my first unlocked phone and my first rooted phone. I can't seem to get a network connection (I'm with Fido).... initially I tried a number of APN settings as I browsed through various threads on APN settings for Fido, Android and Galaxy Notes. Over the weekend I had connection of approx 1 to 2 bars, and was at least pulling light bandwidth off the edge network. I called Fido last night to have my network settings reset, and since them I haven't been able to get on my network. It seems to jog between no connection, 1 bar and 2 bar signal strength. Where before it said it was on the edge network it now does not connect to a network.

Calls to Fido show that everything is set up ok from their end; they can't support a non-Fido phone, and they say that they can't guarantee I'll get more than 2 bars connection on any non-fido phone. I was making calls & texts from the phone on the weekend whereas now, following the network reset from Fido, I have no connection. Yet when I Reset to Default the APN settings it populates the fido LTE apn without issue.

I'm lost... could someone please help me out here? I have no experience with either rooted phones or unlocked ones... and my furious googling and thread browsing just seems to be hitting the same recycled threads.


Where I'm left is now it's saying 'Not Registered On Network' regardless of the APN setting I use.
Date: Mar 26, 2013    Labels: Samsung


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