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Cant Fastboot Xperia P

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Cant Fastboot Xperia P

Hey guys i have Xperia P 6.2.A.0.400 kernels. Using Sliding XP v8.3

The question is i need your help with entering fastboot/flashboot.. Im using ASUS laptop with Windows 8 Pro 64 bit. When i want to enter fastboot mode, i press Vol + to enter fastboot mode.. The led from RED into BLUE for 1~2sec then go back to RED LED.. Same with Vol -, RED to GREEN then to RED again.. The problem is it wont stay in that mode.. And the windows said like USB not recognized. I have already try the disable enforce driver method, and etc.. Still the same results.. Cannot recognized.. Before this i can do it in my desktop to flash the custom kernels.. Now the desktop has been sold for upgrade.. Now im using my laptop.. Please help me.. I need a specific steps and also files.. Tq..

ROM: Stock LT22i ROM

Bootloader: Unlocked

Root: Yes

Kernels: Sliding_XP v8.3

Script: None
Date: Jun 29, 2013   


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