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Sony, SonyEricsson - Sony xperia S water damage sticker?

Xperia S General - xda-developers -

Anyone has an ideea where is the water damage indicator on Xperia S and if there are more than one??? I bought the phone 2 months ago and 3 weeks back tried to change the screen foil and i think i put a little bit too much of the liquid i was provided with that screen protector because the screen started to catch a gray tint and in 2 days only a few bright pixels left on the bottom of the screen. The rest of the display looks like it has a dark foil on it. I sent the phone for repair but the answer was it has water damage and we can give you 10% off to buy a new one. So where is/are that water damage sticker and is there a way to make them white again so i can send it again to repair??? Thank you!!!
Date: Jun 9, 2012    Labels: Sony SonyEricsson


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