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Acer - James Rom 2.0 for Acer Iconia Tab A210

Miscellaneous Android Development - xda-developers -
James Rom v2.0 II 4.1.1 II Base: EMEA_RV05RC02 -> Germany version,but should work on other Devices , too.

Clean Jelly Bean Rom , for our A210.

James Rom 2.0 with a touch of Android 4.2.

Thanks to

#Vetzki for his help and the Kernel

#Keving for the root tutorials*

#Batista82 for the Server*

#the tester of the ROM and the user of my Rom

Changelog 2.0

- Edited the stock rom from the begging ,so there is a clean rom with nothing from version 1.x

- Fixed all Bugs

- James Cpu Spy Kernel (Thanks to Vetzki)

- System customized to the Kernel

- Android 4.2 Sounds

->the sound are setted !

- Android4.2 Gmail

- Android 4.2 Widgets

- Android 4.2 Wallpaper

- Android 4.2 Keyboard (includes Swype)

- Cleaned the Rom

- Added the acer ring ,but its hidden. You can turn it on when you touch the normal place of the ring , the place where the normal ring has to be.The button is now painted black I call it "GHOST RING".

- Build prop. overworked and deleted unneeded things

- init.d Tweaks

- -> Ultra Mega Smooth

---->how it has to be for a Tegra 3 Tablet!

- Modified Hosts File for Blocking Ads

- Adobe Flash Player for Jelly Bean

- New Bootscreen

- OTA Update(only Bugfixes will be shared) you have to make the other updates manually

- Updated all Apps(maybe there will come some Updatenotfications at the first boot) #updated at 12.12.12

- New Touchbuttons



I am not responsible for anything, if something happens or you brick your tablet.

The Rom should not be reuploaded without my permission,if you do it , i will contact an lawyer and we meet us at the law court!


At this point a special thank to Vetzki who has made a Kernel only for this Rom and he helped me at many things.Without him I couldn't make this rom.Thousand Thanks!


-Unlocked Bootloader


How to flash?:

I advise a Clean Install.

1.Boot into CWM

2.Full Wipe

3.Flash James Rom

4.Reboot ( it will appear an notification that your recovery will be flashed and maybe root will disappear ... at both notification choose YES DISABLE RECOVERY FLASH AND YES -FIX.


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Date: Dec 26, 2012    Labels: Acer


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