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Huawei IDEOS X3 (U8510) | Root | CWM | CyanogenMod 7.2

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This thread is about the Huawei IDEOS X3 (U8510) mobile phone.

Some apparent facts:

- We need a dedicated X3 forum or at least a generic Huawei forum where all the numerous Huawei owners can get together.

- Huawei U8650 ROM's are compatible with the X3's with some minor configuration differences. The U8650 port of CM7 is claimed to work well with the X3 and is faster than the stock ROM.

- Much of X3 development activity have been on German and Spanish forums. Maybe because the English-speaking world got their X3's much later than continental Europe?

XDA sources:

- Long X3 Q&A thread

External sources:

- Android Hilfe X3 Forum (German)

- Modaco Wiki X3 ROM's (though seems outdated)

- HTC Mania U8650 Forum (Spanish)

Rooting Instructions

This was taken from lowskill's Automatic Root Enabler thread in Android Hilfe forums. Many thanks to him for this.

The Automatic Root Enabler for the X3 v1.0 should install:

- ClockworkMod Recovery v4.0.1.5

- Superuser v3.0.6

- Su binary v3.0.3

Install BusyBox from the Market through one of the installers.

Step by step

- Download the Automatic Root Enabler for the X3. For more recent versions I suggest checking his thread and the forum it's in as I may not be able to update this thread all the time.

- Install the latest USB drivers for the X3. Search for the latest version of "HUAWEI Android Phones USB Driver" from the Huawei Downloads site.

- Turn on USB Debugging from Settings -> Application -> Development on the X3.

- Connect the X3 to your PC via microUSB.

- Run the Automatic Root Enabler and it should start rooting your phone automatically.

It should finish off with something like this:

There ya go! Your X3 should be happily rooted with CWM installed
Date: Jan 12, 2013   


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