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CWM for Allwinner A10 & A13 Tablets

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CWM for Allwinner A10 & A13 Tablets

Below are four different flavors of CWM-based Recovery v6.0.2.8 for devices that use Allwinner A10 and A13 chips. If you're unsure whether one of them is appropriate for your device, see "Do I have an A10 or A13?", below.

Unlike some versions, these will not erase the partition or SD card containing the that's just been installed. Also, the "wipe data/factory reset" option will not erase your internal SD card ('/emmc'). The button assignments should be what you'd expect: Vol- / Vol+ move the highlight up or down, Power selects, and any other button acts as a Back button. If your tablet has capacitive (touch) buttons and uses an ft5x touchscreen controller, they should act as Back buttons as well.


The files are packaged as update zips and can be installed from your existing stock or CWM recovery. Alternately, you can unzip the file and install it from a normally-booted system using a script.

From Recovery: Copy the entire file still zipped to your internal or external (removable) SD card. Reboot into Recovery, then choose 'install zip from sdcard'. Root access is not required if CWM is installed this way.

From a Running System: Unzip the file and copy recovery.img and to your internal or external SD card. Next, either run "adb shell" or open the Terminal app, then change the directory to where you stored the files. If you're using Terminal, start by running "su" to get root access (you may already have it if using adb). Now, type in "sh" then press Enter. Messages will appear telling you whether it succeeded or failed.

Which version should I choose?

Do I have an A10 or A13? From an adb shell or from the Terminal Emulator app, run "cat /proc/cpuinfo". Look next to the 'Hardware' entry: it should say either "sun4i" (A10) or "sun5i" (A13). If it says anything else, don't use these files.

Do I have 9 or 10 partitions? From an adb shell or from the Terminal Emulator app, run "cat /proc/partitions". If the last entry is "nandi", you have 9; if it's "nandj", you have 10. If you choose the wrong version, everything else will work correctly but CWM won't be able to mount your internal SD card (a.k.a. '/emmc'). If so, try installing the other version.

Booting into (CWM) Recovery

Getting into Recovery should be simple but sometimes it isn't. Try these methods in the order listed:

- With the tablet off, press and hold both Vol+ and Power. It may take 10 seconds or more for the first logo or icon to appear.

- With the tablet on and booted normally, press and hold the Power button until the tablet turns off - ignore the Shutdown popup. Now, try method #1 again.

- From an adb shell prompt or from the Terminal Emulator app, enter

"echo -e 'boot-recovery\0' > /dev/block/nandf; sync" (note: that's a "backslash zero" in there)

Now, press and hold Power until the tablet turns off, then turn it back on normally (i.e. no buttons pressed).

If none of the above work, post a question - perhaps someone else has a better solution. (Note: "adb reboot recovery" should also do the trick but I've never had it succeed.)
Date: Mar 14, 2013   


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