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Leaked early ICS for Lenovo Ideapad A1

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There's been some discussion recently of the leaked ICS ROM for the Lenovo A1, which is a little difficult to install, because Clockworkmod won't flash it due to failed assertions. I've modified it so that it can be flashed through CWM.

Be warned that it will overwrite U-Boot, the kernel, and the RAMdisk (these are not usually backed up by CWM If you've installed it, and you want to go back to your old backup (very likely as you'll soon get tired of nothing working properly), use the following steps:

1. Boot into recovery

2. Restore your backup using the normal CWM functionality

3. Install from this post.

4. Reboot into fastboot mode and restore the correct kernel and ramdisk for your ROM with:


fastboot flash inand-kernel <kernel>

fastboot flash inand-ramdisk <ramdisk>

5. Reboot.

If you don't know what the correct kernel/ramdisk is for your ROM then I'd advise you not to try using this ROM.


There is no guarantee of anything going right if you install this ROM. I'll try and help with problems (and I'm sure other people will too) but if things get messed up it'll be your fault. Don't take the risk without understanding it and being comfortable with it.

Download: here.
Date: Jun 13, 2012   


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