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CM7, CM9 or CM10?

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CM7, CM9 or CM10?

Hello everyone,

I'm really sorry if this is already out there somewhere in all the posts. I have no time to read through them all or keep up with all current trends. Please forgive me.

I bought the NT for my wife for Christmas. Since then all i've been aware of that is stable is CELTICWEB SOLUTIONS CM7 alpha (which i see it is now in BETA). Are there any mods that are not buggy for this device yet? Currently she stays frustrated because of problems with wifi connecting only when it wants to, the microphone being inconsistent and the issue concerning video decoding...

I'd love to put CM9 or 10 on it for her...but honestly just a good working version of CM7 would be great.

I appreciate if you can point us in right direction, even if the suggestion is to just buy a Nexus 7 and sale this one!

Thanks a lot!
Date: Aug 18, 2012   

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