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Motorola - Motorola Defy XT555C on 2.3.7 build 67d

Defy General - xda-developers -
First off I want to apologize if this is in the wrong place as Im sure some one will let me know.

Second I want to thank in advance the awesome devs and community of xda as im sure there

is some one out there way more knowledgeable than I willing to help

Hello, today I have a whole slew of questions about the Motorola Defy XT, XT555c to be exact.

It seems as though there are many different defy's out there and this on has the least amound

of development. I am attempting to get all the info in to one place as searching for this device

seems a bit messy. I will update this thread as info is found\refound and brought to my attention.

Enough of the mumbo jumbo, off to the good stuff...

Chances are if you arte reading this you already know that all the "normal" methods of rooting

android (z4root, super1click, republic wirless .apk root) does not work for this device with 2.3.7

as all known exploits had been "fixed" by motorola. This is the first device of about 20 android

devices that I havent been able to research and root! Im creating this post in hopes to grab the

attention of any developer willing to help.

My PC configurations:

windows 7 x64 & x86, moto drivers

ubuntu 12.04 x86 installed to and running from 16gb usb thumb drive, moto rules created a.k.a. drivers for linux

adb installed on all of the above systems

Device specifics:

model xt555c

android ver. 2.3.7

baseband ver. pcr

kernel ver. Apps_2.6.38.6-perf

build no. 1_67d_1014


*ubuntu stick was created soley for the root procetures for the xt555c

*I preferr to use ubuntu but if nesasary I have windows at my disposal

*both win and ubuntu speak to the device flawlessly (ADB)

*used adm to grab logcat @ boot (see attached)

*need to grab full backup of system software because you know how this sort of

thing goes. Any suggestions?

*this particular defy in question was apparently manufactured/released in 2012

*This particular defy XT555C is also called other model numbers on various sites.

It has become increasingly difficult to find out witch defy I hold in my hand due to

conflicting specs\models on various other sites. some are dualband and others not.

some do not have a front camera, some state 800mhz processor while others state 1ghz

but all are called "defy XT"

Questions I have currently are:

Is this device downgradeable? possible solution (use google translate)

Are the firmwares from any other defys capable of running on this device?

Here is the terminal output that I get when attemting any thing that requires su\root:

reemo@reemo-jump:~$ adb devices

List of devices attached

TBEN1238500049 device

reemo@reemo-jump:~$ sudo -s

[sudo] password for reemo:

bash: PATH=${/home/reemo/Desktop/android-sdk-linux/tools}:~/android-sdk-linux/tools: bad substitution

bash: PATH=${/home/reemo/Desktop/android-sdk-linux/tools}:~/android-sdk-linux/platform-tools: bad substitution

root@reemo-jump:~# adb shell

$ adb reboot

adb: permission denied


The info found at the following link has led me to feel the need to investigate the boot

process to resolve rooting method hints the boot-logcat

The logcat from ADM taken from "phone off" to "fully booted @ lock screen" has been

attached along with screen shots of my device info

I am aware of the "bad substitution" error. due to laziness and sligh bad config Ive just been "cd"ing to the directory
Date: Aug 5, 2013    Labels: Motorola


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