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Found Files on my SDCard

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Found Files on my SDCard

I was cleaning out the unneseccary files on my sdcard and i found three files and a couple folders on the root of the directory and I have no idea what they are, so therefore i don't wanna delete them. I've tried googling the file names but can't find **** on them. They're called "ldb" which is a config file, then "ldb.db-wal" and "ldb.db-shm", is it safe to get these off of there, the folders are "termp" which was "BBSAD.pkg" "bwad.pkg", "PMAD.pkg", "PVMAD.pkg" and "SFAD.pkg". bugreports which is empty, can i get erid of that, and for some reason when i installed 4EXT, and do a NANdroid backup the backups still go into my clockworkmod folder. anyway to change that? I'm extremely OCD about the organization of my files and having these things i have no idea what they're for on my sdcard is just annoying to me. any help is appreciated

p.s. sorry for the long period of not being active, my phones cut off at the moment so i'm using it as a gameboy/mp3/movie device
Date: Jan 5, 2013   

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