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Samsung - Samsung Ativ 500T. Android dual boot? Upscaling?

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Samsung Ativ 500T. Android dual boot? Upscaling?

I believe the best hackers/minds/tinkerers in the internet are typically found in these forums, so I like to post the most intricate questions that all other forums failed to answer as my last resort. As they say, save the best for last. (No pressure, lol)

Issue 1:

Upscaling. Atom Clovertrail Z2760 does not have any upscaling option built into its Intel Graphics Control Panel. It is a known issue with all atom 2760 devices including my own tablet Samsung Ativ 500t, as well HP Envy X2, Asus Vivotab Smart, Asus Vivotab tf810c. etc.

The problem presents itself when attempting to run an old game designed for a resolution of 800 x 600, for example. When you go into "full screen" mode, what you get is a still tiny window with huge black bars all around. Somebody suggested using the windows magnifier, but that cuts off some of the game screen.

So, is there any third party mods to the Intel drivers, third party upscaler software, or anything of the sort I can use to solve this situation? Intel did not develop official drivers, and people contacting Samsung were pretty much told "screw you, we dont care"

Issue 2:


Research found that Bluestacks does not seem to work with my particular tablet. I encountered an interesting thing called Android X86, which Im sure you guys already know about. While going through their website, my head exploded. I do not have the savvy to reconfigure a kernel, or make a bootable USB drive using Linux without..well..Linux. I was just hoping that somebody has successfully installed Android x86 in a more recent Windows 8 tablet. I have found instances of people who did in older Windows 7 tablets, like the Acer w500 for example, but no one yet with specific information no how to install this on a clovertrail tablet.

I was hoping could help me out getting this done. Being able to dual boot the Sammy Ativ 500 would be a dream come true.

Thank you very much for your time.
Date: Apr 20, 2013    Labels: Samsung

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