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Samsung - WiFi Channel 13

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WiFi Channel 13

I have an original Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" and am having trouble connecting to my wireless network, as my router is set (on purpose) to channel 13. Due to congestion, I am unable to select a different channel (1-11).

Is there anything I can do to enable my GT-P9000 to support Channel 13? It's rooted & running CyanogenMod + cdesai's Jelly-Bean ROM (cm-10-20120730-EXPERIMENTAL-p1-cdesai). All my other devices (iPad/iPhone) appear to support Channel 13, so I just need to get this working now.

I'm sure it's probably just a matter of setting the device to support EU WiFi standards, but am unsure how to do this....

Any ideas?
Date: Sep 9, 2012    Labels: Samsung

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