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Samsung - P1000 Write error in Odin when attepting to install Overcome rom

Galaxy Tab Q&A - xda-developers -
Hi XDA Members. I am a self proclaimed Samsung noob with a 7 in. Galaxy Tab SGH-T849. After searching the forums,I was instructed to refer to this model as the p1000. The tab was given to me by my sister after my know it all nephew tried to "fix" it,so I thought I would give it a shot. I can't get into it to provide detailed info from the settings menu because it won't boot past the Samsung boot animation. After reading numerous posts,I downloaded the Overcome files and attempted to install it. I am getting a write error in Odin near the end of the flash and I have no idea what I have done wrong.I even downloaded the guide to make sure I flashed it properly. I included a pic of the Odin error and a pic of the system recovery screen on the tablet.I continued to research the Q&A,but I did not want to take the chance of messing the tab up further. Any help that can be provided would be greatly appreciated.
Date: Oct 8, 2012    Labels: Samsung

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