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Samsung - GT-P1000 E:MBR Checksum Error! SAVE PLEASE!

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GT-P1000 E:MBR Checksum Error!!! SAVE PLEASE!!!

My P1000 is supposed to use Euro ROM but I flashed it into Hong Kong ROM 2.3.6.

After I flashed it by Odin, everything was fine except that if I press Volume Up + Power keys to enter the Recovery mode, there is such warning:

Every other functions are all right. I can even use the recovery mode but the warning should be reminding me of something done wrongly.

Could anyone please tell me what to do to solve this problem? THanks

I actually googled a bit and I think it should be problem related to repartition. But dont know what to do. Waiting online
Date: Dec 19, 2012    Labels: Samsung

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