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Samsung - Galaxy tab official boot menu GT P1000

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Galaxy tab official boot menu GT P1000

Someone help plz.........My galaxy Tab (GT P1000,Middle east,Froyo - 2.2) while getting upgraded to 2.3.3 using Odin displayed the fail message i was following the guide showed in this video (youtube .com/watch?v=iI79j97R4qw) .My device got bricked but then i used a tool and unbricked it after unbricking,the screen displayed the official Samsung boot menu.i selected "wipe data"and then the "wipe cache"..........then i selected reboot.But the device is not rebooting i waited for two hours.When i pressed the Volume up + power key i got into the screen again(Samsung boot menu screen) please tell me what to do from here for my device to work.i thought of updating by copying some file to the SD CARD but i don't know what files to copy.......
Date: Jan 5, 2013    Labels: Samsung

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