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Samsung - E: part(1) DATA Checksum Error

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I just booted my Galaxy tab into recovery and noticed the following three error lines in red:

E: part(1) DATA Checksum Error

E: part(1) Checksum error

Internal MMC Checksum verify failed

I'm running stock Gingerbread.

My tab works perfectly fine and I think I know why this message appears when I enter recovery. I recently rooted my tab using DooMLoRD's rooting tool. After rooting I removed some bloatware and of course the rooting tool installed some stuff like SU which I know is installed as system app.

I never entered recovery before rooting so I don't know if whatever this means was already there before gaining root access.

However, I think E: part(1) is probably the system partition which was modified when/after rooting (although is not meant to be modified) and that is why the checksum fails, because the system partition -which is not supposed be changed- was actually altered by rooting and removing and adding system apps.

Can any knowledgeable developer/advanced user confirm if my explanation makes sense? I just want to make sure that this is not something I should be worried about.
Date: Jun 25, 2012    Labels: Samsung

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