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Do you know how to change baseband?

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Do you know how to change baseband?

hi there, i've been researching for 2 days, reading threads about on how to change baseband of O3D P920 or SU760 but i found no luck.

My devices is SU760 and i want to try to change it's baseband. I will try to test if the P920 baseband will work on SU760.

Do you know how to change baseband? I have tried LGFlash Tool, SmartFlash Tool but still the baseband wasn't change.

My baseband right now is LGSU760 V20f

I have tried the following baseband:

P920 - V10k, V20f, and V21e

SU760 - V10g

I am doing this because I have a problem about USSD command. if i will use the original korean rom, the ussd works fine but i really don't like the korean rom.

After sending a ussd command, i will have a force close and the gsm network will refresh. i.e. goes offline and online again only after using a ussd command.
Date: Feb 20, 2013   

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