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Optimus 3d : SU760 bricked

Optimus 3D General - xda-developers -
Hello all,

I recently asked a friend to get an optimus 3d from china , he got it for me but it was not p920 but SU760 , i dont care really but when i inserted my dutch sim card the network signal was coming and going often , also the phone was already rooted with clockworkmod rom i tried to reset the phone y going into privacy > delete all data > but clockwork mod rom was still there and the signal was coming and going , so i connected my device into recovery mode to hard reset to latest stock firmware using recovery phone option using samsung tool.

It downloaded 430 mb file and installed the firmware and said completed , but when i powered on the phone i got LG logo and later T world logo like the logo which is on the back pannel and colours changing all the time like a pattern and it was like that for 30 - 40 mins later the screen went lack but all there buttons at the bottom , home entrer and options were illuminated .... no android OS .....

I? tried to recover the phone again via LG software but did not help same result , i am really seperate to get the phone working as it's my first android phone in my life , i really wanted to use it but now i cannot ....

also on all over the internet they talk about o3d p920 and not 03d su760 ...

Please can someone tell me where to find su760 stock firmware and how do i flash it to the lg phone ,,, i cannot even enter hard reset mode using volume key combination and home and power button ,,, seems phone is stuck in a cycle .... please HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: Jun 28, 2012   


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