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LG - I bricked my LG Thrill

Thrill 4G General - xda-developers -
I'm pretty new to this, and I didn't fully understand the whole rom, flash, kernel stuff but I did it anyway, seeing as I jailbroke my ipod when I knew next to nothing about that kinda stuff...

Well, I rebooted into recovery using rom manager, and it didn't reboot. It shut off, but didn't turn back on.. I tried to turn it back on myself and only the lg logo would appear..

So I googled what was happening to my phone. It's either in the 'boot loop' or bricked... i don't know the difference, or if there's even one but what the hell do I do to fix it? ..

I tried holding down the power, 3D and volume down button but the recovery menu doesn't come up... and I really don't wanna download any more programs to fix it :/
Date: Dec 28, 2012    Labels: LG


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