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LG - Help Please! Phone in a power loop after ICS 3D LG Korean ROM Flash!

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Help Please! Phone in a power loop after ICS 3D LG Korean ROM Flash!

Anyone else having this issue? Procedure I followed was at "[ROM][ICS][P920] First ICS 4.0.4 Full 3D ROM Ported From SU760". Honestly, I'd really like to post this in the appropriate thread, but can't yet. I am experiencing the phone powering to the LG screen and off repeatedly upon plugging in a charger as well as hitting the power button. I had hoped it might just need juice but no dice. Does this really have anything to do with CWM? There is something about a modified USB cable in the original post that refers to a "screen issue" but there is no clarification to what issue. Here is my original post with a follow up:


OK maybe I should clarify


Originally Posted by drastic00 View Post

Installed the Korean ICS ROM just fine (it's lookin great!) but made a stupid mistake, I think. I ran CWM to install something that I forgot to first copy over to sd. Then I think I put it in recovery (not sure why except I'm tired). Now it powers to LG screen then shuts off. I do get the "S/W" screen with Korean text when I boot into download mode (if my terminology is correct i.e. up vol + power + connect usb cable to pc, then insert battery. How can I recover? Start over? How if I can't set connection settings on the device? ACK I have been at this far too long and must rest, hopefully with shiny new replies in the morning.

So to clarify, I had the ROM running fine. I was about to flash a zip, but was tired and had not loaded it onto the external SD. I am using the CWM referred to in the original post here:

"[ROM][ICS][P920] First ICS 4.0.4 Full 3D ROM Ported From SU760".

The app went through the motion but did not install anything, I assume. Then I hit "Boot to recovery." Could that have caused this? Now I get the LG screen and then no power, up to 3 times if I hold power. I am hesitant to follow any bootlooping procedure since I don't know if they apply to this phone and if that is the problem (it appears to be, but I am new to this. I WAS feeling nice that I was able to get ICS up and running). I cannot seemingly boot to recovery to reflash or downgrade. Also, when I connect to pc in download mode I get the Korean "S/W" screen with circular arrows and Korean text, but LG Flashtool does not connect. I recall hitting "Recover" in English during the original ROM flash. Please help!
Date: Jan 3, 2013    Labels: LG


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