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Xperia Play x3 Blinking red lights. Been like this for a year. Please help.

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Xperia Play x3 Blinking red lights. Been like this for a year. Please help.

What the title said. And I searched this on XDA and found several threads but none that cater to my exact problem, and if there are then it was simply because I didn't want to/don't have the time to go through hundreds of threads. Anyways, My Xperia Play (R800a) from Rogers (Canadian Service Provider) has been nothing but trouble for me. I got it Christmas day in 2011 and it worked beautifully for around 6 or 7 months. Then it started acting up. Like battery draining real fast, then not charging, then charging, then working for a day then not working for a week and then another day it worked then it just died (or at least the battery).

So I gave up on it and popped my SIM in my old iPhone 3G. Well I recently just bought another BST-41 XPLAY battery from amazon and I have had probably a 1% increase in some sort of success with trying to bring this thing back to life. I remember I rooted it but I never didn't anything with the root. Moving along, the phone with its original battery would blink 3 times in a pattern for maybe 2-3 minutes then there would be no blinking lights. With my new battery it just continuously blinking 3 times in the same pattern it did with my old battery.

Phoned Sony support yelled at the, its not on warranty anymore and I don't know what to do with it. I have read it could be the charger or the USB port, or cord. But right now with the 3 blinking red lights I think it means its charging... I just don't know. I wish this phone would come back to life already. I tried PC companion too and it doesn't recognize my phone. Oh and when I charge it on my PC I get the same blinking red light 3x and its also just doing that continuously.

If one of you have a solution to this, without linking me to another thread, because I have spent the past year looking at ways to fix it and I ran into some threads on here that haven't helped me, then I would be forever in your debt! Right now I am on my knees praying for this thing its just ridiculous.
Date: Jul 19, 2013   


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