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Samsung - Galaxy Tab 7" Won't boot

Galaxy Tab 10.1 General - xda-developers -
Hi everyone. I know this form is regarding the 10" model but I didn't see a forum for the 7" model. I am having trouble with a SCH-I800 7" tablet. The SKU = SCHI800BKV and it was purchased through Verizon but I believe it is a WiFi only model.

I can't get the device to boot past the Verizon splash screen and can't do a wipe data/factory reset from the Android System Recovery. When I first boot into the Recovery, I get many red lines indicating "failed to mount, can't open, can't mount, etc." to various file paths. It also says in yellow "Manual Mode".

When I try to perform the factory data reset, i get several red errors that say "failed to mount /preload (No such file or directory)" or format volume: "rfs format failed on /dev/block/mmcblk0p2". This is indicating to me that the recovery section of the device is damaged itself. I tried to download various recoveries and flash from the SD card to no avail, including one that was supposed to be "stock". It begins but then I get the triangle with the ! I don't care about rooting or using custom ROM's, I would just like to get it working again.

Any ideas would be great help!
Date: Nov 17, 2012    Labels: Samsung

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