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Samsung - How too root and get CWM Recovery for Tab 10.1

Galaxy Tab 10.1 General - xda-developers -
How too root and get CWM Recovery for Tab 10.1

This ROOT Method works for Rogers tab, Verizon's LTE tab and wifi Tab not sure for the rest. However, the recovery i will be posting here will only be usable for the lte tab. And to clarify i take NO responsibility if anything happens to your tablet.

Pre-steps: Download both files i have for you at the bottom of the post.

1. Take the root file that is on the bottom of this post and put that in the root of your tablet. then Rename it to "update" no need to write .zip at the end. Once done turn off your tablet.

2. Hold power button and volume up (volume down i think for the non LTE tablets) Just try either volume down or up but holding it with the power button. you will see The Samsung galaxy tab words. just keep holding it till you see the 2 images. recovery and download mode. what you want to do is click volume down so that you enter recovery. then using your volume buttons scroll down to update from zip.... choose the update zip file. let it do its thing. then reboots you.

3. when you boot up all the way go to applications then make sure you have superuser. if you do it worked. now you can flash your cwm recovery.

4. the file must be a .tar.md5

5. power off your tablet and power on while holding volume up or down whatever your case is. then go to download mode. and enter it.

6. Go tho this link : and look for your model and download the recovery for that model. example : Download LTE (Odin; SCH-I905):


(the download will be here)

7. now go to the recovery zip i provided and unzip it. right click odin3 v1.85 and click "run as administrator"

8. click on PDA and look for the recovery file you just downloaded.

9. click start you should see a green bar and when it finishes you will reboot.

You are done enjoy your root and cwm
Date: Sep 5, 2012    Labels: Samsung

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