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Samsung - Galaxy SII SGH-S959G Updates?

Galaxy S II General - xda-developers -
Galaxy SII SGH-S959G Updates???

I know there probably are like 50 other threads of people asking the same thing, I've looked through a LOT of them, none of them actually tell me anything useful I want to hear. So, as the Title says, I'd love to know if there is actually any type of update, or way to update the phone to ICS or JB... A lot of people keep saying no, but some others are certain there is a way, I've found a couple of root options, but they all seem shady. If anyone knows how to work out this phone, to get a higher version of Android, I'd appreciate it, if the need to root happens, then some advice about it would be appreciated...

Phone: GSII SGH-S959G from Straight Talk.

Thank you
Date: Mar 4, 2013    Labels: Samsung


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