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Samsung - HELP! Problems with new Sandisk 64GB Micro SD

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Hi all, this may have been asked a thousand times but I cannot find a definitive answer to this. I bought a 64GB Sandisk Micro SD Class 6 card to use for all my games and stuff. I received it today and tried putting it in my phone. It always shows as damaged card, so I tried the proper steps of pulling down the notification bar, selecting the card and the phone told me it would need formatting, so I clicked format.

But to my dismay the bloody phone formatted the internal USB storage so I lost all my pictures and personal stuff!!!

To add insult to injury, I cannot get this bloody card to format and work no matter what I try. I haven't formatted or partitioned it in my PC, only tried through the phone.

Please, please can anyone help???
Date: Jun 21, 2012    Labels: Samsung


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