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15 days ago

My AT&T sim card won't work in my AT&T galaxy s4, but will work in other AT&T smartphones, what should I do...

16 days ago

Hi,I've been using the same iPhone 5 since 2014 (various other iPhones before that). and have decided the time is right to get a new phone.I saw a Honor 9 online for £27...
I've just found that my 3 month old Oppo R9s will not allow an alternative messaging to be used.  I installed Textra for the big fonts but every time a message is received, the ...
Hello somebody pls help me wit solution on how I can reset my infinix X510 due to forgotten password. and d Phon is not connecting to system. pls
pls help me wit possible problem solution 4 Samsung GT-S7262 wen off and not going to On again and not changing too
The Honor 7X condenses the full-screen experience down to an affordable package, making for one of the best-value phones of the year.Honor 7X Review: The Next Great Smartpho...
Trying to get internet on my Verizon s8+ phone with a sprint sim and sprint service.the sprint phone I had burned up on charger. Sprint tried ##72768# but my phone can make cal...
I can't remember my password to open my zte obsidian android cell phone! How do I open my phone to reset?
I have a ZTE midnight pro. I have been unable to transfer any pictures or videos to my SD card. Can anyone give me step by step instructions for each? Thanks for your time. ?
I want Rekha Harinkhede's mob number . she is from Tiroda, Gondia dist. Its urgent... Please proovide it fast
When i try some of the answer given.....i stuck on the "format as internal" my phone only says format.... what to do pls help me ASAP.Thx Edited: is it possible if in any andr...
I am looking to get an anti-theft app for my note 8, with features such ability to take a picture when someone tries to remove simcard, be able to start a duress code regardless...
I have had a lot of frustration from my new Shield but most of this has had to do with incompatibility with various Android apps.  Now I have run into a problem that may actuall...

17 days ago

Can I delete photos from my file if they already saved on my SD card? I have a Samsung Grand Prime phone.
When I connect my phone and sometimes also my laptop to my home's link removed by Moderator wifi there is one problem happen.All websites working properly but my facebook is not...
LG G6 has but less than 3 Gb's of memory Onboard. Slowing My normally Fast Phone. To save memory, I thought to put a few APK'S (App's) onto my 64 Gb SD Card. Not really sure if ...
I have Cherry Mobile Flare J3 Prime Lite. The Internal Memory is near its maximum which is 8gig. I have an external SD card. I changed the memory from internal to SD. It works o...
Samsung galaxy 16gb android storage space full but everything is on sd card why is it saying space running out
My Huawei Y625-U51 gives the message Encryption unsuccessful i already tried to factory reset, put new firmware on it with apply update from external storage. But i can't find t...
Sooo... Recently I got an android phone for, among other uses, Virtual Reality. Specifically I got the Vernee Apollo, issue is there is a constant drifting in apps that use the ...
It used to be 2 messages now it's 4 messages repeated daily, sometimes more than once a day. These texts were originally sent last August. The original messages were deleted m...
I reset hot 5 lite using CM tools, after resetting the phone keep loading for like 3hrs and the don't enter menu at all just keep loading, please help Thanks.
Last night my phone was on due to low battery it's off when I turn it on its start then again off then I charge it but not charging not starting ,what I do?
My phone storage is already full and I need to change my internal storage into sd card so that I can download an app again, take a pictures, screen shots, download videos, mus...
I blocked my prepaid idea sim by logging into idea website.However now when I want to unblock it ,I find No option to unblock it in idea online website
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