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4 days ago

I take photos and video using my Android phone camera. How will those photos automatically upload to my photos google folder?

6 days ago

I forced this to appear on my Nougat Sony Xz by changing the main language to US English. It worked. For about two seconds. Then it said it wasn't available for this account a...

8 days ago

I have recently bought a couple of these cheap 7" Ollee M16071A tablets from The Warehouse, but have found out since that they do not have device certification in the Google Pla...

9 days ago

Hi guys, New to the forum, but I have been lurking for a while. I purchased a Pixel from PB Tech late last year. Earlier this year, it started to overheat and reboot by itself t...
When I call the echo test line on my unlocked TMobile device with an h20 Sim my voice completely cuts out after about 2 seconds, completely gone. But when I call the same line r...
Hi, i own a google pixel xl which is a great phone. But recently having problems with it. When i or someone calls , they are not able to hear me while i can hear them crystal cl...

11 days ago

I don't know if I've had TWO Google Photos accounts, or how many, as I had ATT "backup" all photos and videos to "Google Photos" starting years ago, but the phone/s have bee...

16 days ago

As I wrote last week , AI (or what currently passes for it) is the latest innovation for smartphones, with Apple, Google, even Samsung getting in on the action. From the perspec...

18 days ago

Gmail, Google Calendar, Play were not syncing after Nougat update. - Would get random "Android System has stopped working" pop ups when using apps like Google Maps. - Looked...

20 days ago

Google is working on a new Home device combined with a Wi-Fi range extender, according to a report from The Information. The Next Google Home Could Spell Trouble for Amazon :...

21 days ago

A very dedicated and skilled hacker could theoretically compromise a variety of Android and Apple phones through a shared Wi-Fi network. Apple, Google Patch Critical Wi-Fi Fl...
Pls help me on this I need to operate multiple google developer accounts to publish android apps. I can use different gmail addresses for each account. But the telephon...

22 days ago

I have a older Nexus 6 running 7.0 Recently I have noticed the company results in my google search app have produced the following icons TAWAG/Call Icon, MGA PAGAPTULTOL/Direct...

More than a month ago

Forget the Pixel XL. Google is apparently working on a new supersized Pixel XXL. Get Ready for the Google Pixel XXL : Read more
Any android device locked can be unlocked now with Sp Flash Tool Select Scatter file then Select Format all+Download from drop down menu and then click Download. Thats all
I updated my HTC M9 last week and ever since then I only get a white blank page when I go to google play store and none of my apps have been updating. I've tried checking if dow...
I'm just curious if anyone has tried this?  It's apparently invite and US only at this stage but I'm sure someone has found a way around this? ;-)  Fam...
i reset my android phone and decided to use an old gmail account for Google play. i told Google not to backup because i don't like it using my data. so i needed to add som...
I bought a Vodafone tab speed 6 which is locked and has a Google account from a previous user unknown. Which tool can best to remove the Google account and unlock the gadget? Pl...
Google Assistant puts Google's search function and knowledge base right on your Pixel phone. Here's what you can do with these newfound powers. 25 Best Things Google Assistan...
I bought a new phone but i have non of my old photos over there but my old photos are saved in my google account.. How cound i bring my photos from google account to my phone??
While the Google Pixel has a very capable camera, it gets soundly beat by the dual-shooters in LG's G6. LG G6 vs. Google Pixel: LG Crushes in Camera Face-Off : Read more
Has anyone else gotten the Assistant on Nexus 9? I have it on my 6P but nothing yet on my Nexus 9 (WIFI).
i have managed to backup all my photos via google photos but there are no albums like there is on my iPad. I thought once all my photos were synced my albums would sync as well?...
Ladies & gentlemen, So.. I was reading up on some Mobile World Congress (MWC) articles and I came across a statement from Rick Osterloh. Rick Osterloh is the head of Googl...
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