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2 days ago

Post screenshots of your battery life here. Also, post a brief summary of how you have your phone set up (screen resolution, anything disabled, etc). Here is mine from ye...

3 days ago

I don't know if its just me but. When i use my s8 plus and go into multi window mode have my messaging app on the bottom and youtube on top. But when I start typing youtube pau...
My samsung J2 screen starting flickering when i turn it to low brightness. I dont know what to do. Please help.
I am trying to use the internet and apps from my samsung 50 in. Smart tv but only have my hotspot on my LG do I get internet from my smartphone to my smart tv? Plea...
Forget the eye-catching features that everyone's talking about. The Galaxy S8 comes loaded with less-heralded capabilities that make the phone a pleasure to use. 15 Most Unde...
After multiple users reported red-tinted screens on their Galaxy S8, Samsung has announced a software fix. Samsung Will Fix Galaxy S8's Red Display Problem : Read more
From overclocking to better battery life to custom UIs, rooting your Galaxy device can give it a new lease on life. Help Me, Tom's Guide! How Do I Root My Samsung Galaxy S6? ...
Are all the Samsung Galaxy S8s sold directly by the four national US carriers the same hardware supporting the same bands as each other and supporting both GSM and CDMA, but are...
I can't open my gallery app on my samsung galaxy amp prime I get a message saying "can't open app there's not enough space". when I try to share hey photo in my gallery or a vid...

7 days ago

The display doesn't appear to be working as it should out of the box, but there is a fix. Galaxy S8 Owners Already Complaining About This Problem : Read more
Make the most of your Galaxy S8 and make your life easier by changing these out-of-the-box settings. Samsung Galaxy S8 Features to Enable and Disable : Read more
The Galaxy S8 gives you three ways to log in with biometric security. Here's the pros and cons of each method. Galaxy S8 Fingerprint vs Face Recognition vs Iris Scanner: What...
The Galaxy S8 lasts nearly two hours longer than its predecessor, and the S8+ also offers a sizable endurance boost. Galaxy S8 Battery Life Results: Much Improved : Read more

8 days ago

Hi all, Recently my Samsung Note 4 died with emmc errors. Looks like this is not a cheaply repairable issue. I play Ingress and pokemon GO a lot, so I am on the hunt for ...
Some developers had been working on a way to remap the dedicated Bixby button on the new Galaxy S8 to perform other tasks, but Samsung close that loophole. Samsung: Galaxy S8...

9 days ago

Samsung was apparently considering a dual-lens design for the Galaxy S8, which could make its way to its next flagship phablet. Galaxy S8 Leak Hints at Galaxy Note 8's Future...
The Galaxy S8's battery stands up to some serious abuse in a new video. Galaxy S8 Battery Survives Crazy Stabbing Attack : Read more

10 days ago

The OnePlus 5 may feature a display that takes up the entire front of the device along with a whopping 8GB of RAM. OnePlus 5 Could Give Galaxy S8 a Run for Its Money : Read more
Samsung's foldable handset will reportedly go into testing soon and could be called the Galaxy X. The Foldable Galaxy X Is Coming (with a Catch) : Read more
Samsung's service beats the immovable Apple Genius Bar, if you're willing to pay the price. With Galaxy S8 Premium Care, Samsung Comes to You : Read more
New test results suggest that the iPhone 7 outpaces the S8 in terms of sheer speed, despite Apple's phone being much older. Galaxy S8 Gets Smoked by iPhone 7 in Speed Test : ...
When the Galaxy S8 arrives April 21, it won't include voice controls for its Bixby assistant. That feature comes later via a software update, Samsung now says. Galaxy S8 Will...

11 days ago

It's all about security in a possible LG G6 update. LG G6 Could Get One of Galaxy S8’s Biggest Features : Read more
The Galaxy S8 looks pretty sweet, but the iPhone 7 still surpasses Samsung’s new flagship in several ways. 9 Reasons the iPhone 7 Beats the Galaxy S8 : Read more
From screen protectors and car adapters to wireless charging pads and a dock that turns the phone into a PC, these are the best S8 add-ons. 15 Best Galaxy S8 Accessories : Re...
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