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2 days ago

Hello,when i was changing the LCD i think i took some pins from the motherboard (this pins on the edge of the board) and now the phone does not charge.

3 days ago

Hi everybody. I'm undecided what to buy my mum for christmas and thought she could do with a colour mobile instead of her ancient mono Nokia. My criteria are: Colour screen ...

5 days ago

1. Turn on the phone without sim card 2. Type *#*#7378423#*#* 3. Select Service info 4. Select SimLock 5. Check where is X 6. If X is on NETWORK, SUBSET or PROVIDER and va...

9 days ago

Can anyone suggest a repair procedure for Z3 (D6603) ? It is after a fall to a ground( broken glass). Thanks

16 days ago

hi,my j10i2 when inside simcart in the phone hanged in sony ericsson logo, and when trun on phone whitout sim phone run and type: Insert SIM Please help me
C6603 i the near of LCD socket connection flex pluged caps where HOT, after that phone stoped charging and power ON, when battery in when battery out PCB indicates 0.12A power ...

24 days ago

Manual open detail the Sony Z2(D6502) phone

26 days ago

Hello Everyone, I bought a c901 a few month ago. Since I am using 16gb M2 memory card, my phone has been giving me "playback failed" error message. No matter which fir...

More than a month ago

I use my Xperia z for a fair few things but just recently it has started shutting down applications. When I go back to the application it is right where I left it, it doesnt shu...
Sony Ericsson ST18i Charging Problem Solution Plz OFF Mode - Charging Symbol Only ( can't battery charg ) ON Mode - Can't Show Charging Symbol & charged
To learn how to solder and replace mic in Xperia Z3 Compact follow the instructions mentioned in the video:
Hello! I normally don't like asking for help but if anyone has first hand experience with the D5503 hardware I could really use your assistance.. please! So, this phone had ...
In this video you will learn how to change SIM slot in Xperia Z1 Compact:
Step by step video tutorial about charging port replacement in Xperia Z created by electronic workshop:
Solution for damaged wifi in Xperia Z3 Compact, here is how to do it, if you have any questions follow this thread: sony xperia z1 stuk in safe mode nd my volume down key did not working..... so what will i do to turn of save mode from Xperia z1
Hi everyone, I got Xperia M4 Aqua with loop boot. I reflashed this phone with setool box and then with sony companion. It didn't help. It's still the same. Recovery mode...
I've had the phone for quite a while. Today my phone worked fine in the morning,i took it pout of my bag the next minute and the screen was blank/black. I initially thought it w...
Okay, so I posted my previous thread in the wrong place. I thought a Sony phone wouldn't qualify as 'Sony Ericsson'. I really need help with this problem as I don't underst...
hello all i have a problem in sony z (c6603) after power on logo retoun off if connect charger push power on not restart at the logo, the phone very good power on and goo...
Hi people. I have SONY Z1 with broken components. the components are C1007 and L1002, but not have specific valor. ...
hai is the solution for w810 please wait after flashing with setool...-write gdfs bin file with setool ( check the format gdfs when writing box)-use USB-SMART and repa...
Can anyone help me? My Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Display is broken. The Touchsreen isn´t reacting anymore. Does anyone know how I can fix it?
Hey good afternoon I have sony xperia T3 that won't power even though I pluged into charger. pls help me guys. thank you and sorry for my bad english
Hello, i have a problem with my new built pc it runs but i have no signal on my monitor, also i cant hear any beeps I checked all cables and tried to move my RAM to another s...
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