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4 days ago

I checked out this deal at a local store and was told that they had to activate my lines and port my numbers the day I bought the phone. We are currently with Net10 and are paid...
Hello, I have a possibly stupid question, AT&T has a good sale on the iPhone SE gophone. I am Canadian yet it's still a great price even with the exchange I was wondering if...

5 days ago

I finally got my T-Mobile iPhone 6S+ unlocked and have a Verizon data SIM. Would Verizon block the iPhone if I stick the data SIM in the iPhone?

8 days ago

Is it possible to use an iPhone SE on 3G-only plan? Wife is 70+ and I have finally convinced her to lose the flip phone. No data needed just occasional call & text. She has a...

10 days ago

The galaxy S8 looks nice, I kinda want it. I currently have a Jet Black iPhone 7plus. Instead of paying off the remaining balance is there a way I can give the phone back to Att...

12 days ago

I'm considering coming back to AT&T (also have DTV and Uverse Internet) after being not so happy with T-mobile's service on the 7+. I'm wondering if I pay off my balance of the ... djino

13 days ago

Just got off the phone with a lady at Gophone and she told me that they cannot provision my Iphone 7 for visual voicemail because it is unlocked sim free version i purchased fro...

15 days ago

Im having problems getting visual voicemail on my iPhone 7 running iOS 10.3.1. I just ported over to Gophone today and assumed visual voicemail would load itself. Is this not th...

19 days ago

I would think that since gophone just got the iPhone 6 32gb for $299 and Iphone se 32gb for $199 that cricket would follow since we are getting VOLTE and wifi calling soon. ...

22 days ago

Reported by Turk yesterday, there are now tutorials for iPhone models sold by TracFone. These include User Guides that come directly from Apple. Good reference even if you do...

23 days ago

How do I ensure that I have the latest carrier update on my iPhone 7? Is there any way to force download?

24 days ago

I switched to Verizon 2 months ago and decided out of the 3 lines, to only do two for the free phones. But I now decided I wanted to get a new iPhone and Verizon won't give me t...
Hi everyone - I spoke to two T-Mobile reps who had no idea what I was talking about, so hopefully someone here will.... Does anyone know if the very first JUMP that came o...

27 days ago

Did anyone used their apple care yet how does it work, what do you tell apple store employees? What iphones are covered?

29 days ago

May Samsung phone broke and I bought a new straight talk iPhone 5s, will it work on my existing Sprint account?

More than a month ago

Hello, I posted a few days ago about some info about h2o and was disappointed that I wouldn't have MMS with with them on my iPhone. So my search has to go on. Currently ...
So after having issues with service on both our iPhones I decided to take out a free line that was available to everyone a few weeks ago and purchased an android HTC desire chea...
Hello, I searched around the forum and internet in general, but I can't seem to find answers: I'm currently on the $60 monthly plan from GoPhone and always add an additio...
I currently have no upgrade available on my Verizon account. And I was wondering if I could still use the Apple Upgrade Program to get a new iPhone. Or do I still need to have a...
Has anyone tried swapping their iPhone SIM into an iPad? I'd like to take advantage of the iPhone BOGO and use the new line with an iPad or hotspot. Back in the old grandfathere...
Just noticed a friend has a iPhone 6 Plus and VoLTE is working on it. No WiFi calling but VoLTE is Sent from my XT1650 using HoFo mobile app
So my sister just gave me her iPhone 6 but it's on T-Mobile. Can I pop my MetroPCS sim card from my Nexus 5x or do I need to get a whole new sim card? Sent from my 5056N usi...
Nothing official just yet but being discussed on Reddit: T-Mobile has its sights locked ahead on March 24 when it will have the special edition iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus...
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