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Eh, hopefully it's okay to cross-post this, as it's both and iPhone and AT&T thing, so... I've been with AT&T prepaid for years. I prefer unlocked iPhones, but needed a repla...
My Mother currently uses an Android phone & I don't know what she does to her phone's but I've never seen one person have so many problems with a cell phone. She blames it on he...

2 days ago

Any TRUSTED on-line web sites that i can go to get this iPhone unlocked for use on AT&T...?? Sprint will NOT unlock for me until i find the person who used it last on their netw...
Hi, I'm not sure if this the correct forum or the iOS forum but I'll start here. My wife has used iphones forever and I've always been android.  She currently has an iphone SE a...

3 days ago

My daughter bought a nice use iphone 6s plus off ebay thinking she could use it on page plus that she currently has but the iphone is a T-mobile phone. I checked to make sure th...

4 days ago

My daughter has been running an s4 mini on page plus. She decided she wanted a new phone so she bought a nice used on on ebay. It is an Iphone6s plus, BUT, its a T-mobile phone!...
Hello Everyone, I just got off the phone with a Fido representative. It was one of the oddest conversations I've had in a while. He told me that the iphone X would not coming t...

5 days ago

I bought my wife an Apple Watch series 3 through Verizon in early Oct. Shipping times showed 6 weeks so I ordered it, but then they fulfilled the order 4 days later and I alread...

6 days ago

Yes, it's me again the person who did sue apple in small claims.. and lost cause of a bad judge But sadly I still have a brand new iphone 5s I purchased but can't use cause ...

7 days ago

Walmart Family Mobile? Is it really owned by Tracfone? It still says by T-Mobile on website. I'm assuming it uses T-Mobile network. The price on the phone is darn good.

10 days ago

I have a 32GB ATT iPhone SE (Go Phone) that ATT factory unlocked around the time of purchase (April 2017). I know it's unlocked because I've been using it on Red Pocket's Verizo...
Not carrier specific but since I?m with T-Mobile I will post it here. Mods move the tread as you please

13 days ago T is for T-Mobile. And tattoo, apparently. A 20-year-old Phoenix man looking to get his hands on a free iPhone 8...

16 days ago

Hey everyone, I received carrier update 29.1 the other day on my iPhone 6. I haven?t seen or noticed anything different. Anyone know what this latest update brings?
Anyone on bell is using the new Apple watch lte on the network? If yes how is it working for you? Im on Rogers and they don?t carry the watch yet, i might switch to bell for tha...
I currently have an iPhone 6. It was purchased from AT&T several years ago when I was on their post paid plan. Once my contract was up I went through the AT&T unlock process, or...

17 days ago

My daughter was on Kajeet wireless for years from flip/slider phones then Iphone 4s and lastly Iphone 5s. I had zero problems with company but she has grown up and moved on. I'm...
LTE Band 5 in my area is completely unusable and for some reason my phone keeps trying to connect to it all the time. I am on AT&T and use an iPhone 8+.

19 days ago

Hi everyone, I am about to switch my 6 line family plan from Verizon to TMO and having real trouble deciding what to do. I can pay for 8+ outright, but I am thinking about d...
Hello We have free service for android and Apple iPhone all model locked with At&t USA. This service works fine and also absolutely free. All Android Phone :

20 days ago

21 days ago

Thinking about getting an iPhone 8 plus and going through TMobile to get it. But I've been reading about the different models with Intel and Qualcomm modems. So I understand ...

22 days ago

I have an iPhone 7 bought from Boost Mobile and when my year is up, I'd like to have Boost unlock it and move it to T-Mobile. Is this possible? Will I lose and functionality? Wh...

24 days ago

Such a disappointment Apple couldn?t source the two manufacturers of chipsets to support this feature! Next phone they should use one manufacture who supports it.. none of this ...

25 days ago

I am going to get my Cricket Galaxy s6 unlocked. Will this work with any network or just GSM networks? Where is the least expensive place to buy an New iPhone SE that will wo...
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