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Hello, I currently have a T-Mobile compatible SIM from Tracfone with my BYOP unlocked iPhone 5s. I'm considering switching to a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, but only if I know tha...
Anyone know if it's possible to get my S7 screen burn-in fixed under warranty, either Samsung or Telus? It's got a pretty good burn-in of the Waze app interface on the screen si...

3 days ago

Folks, i've got a question and need some help, i just purchased a Locked Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge from a guy and it was locked to ATT, i just got the unlock code from ATT and of c...
Best Buy has the S8+ for $300 off with payment plan. I currently have the GDUP since 2010 and want to know if I buy the S8+ with the payment plan at $19.41 x 24 months will I lo...
I am trying to help someone long-distance. He got this phone somehow and I'm trying to figure out if it will take a TF/VZ sim. I already figured out that it's CDMA and micro sim...
I've been using an Alcatel A205G for years now and figured it was time for an upgrade so I got an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S3 from a friend in exchange for some yard work and whe...

6 days ago

With the active now being available on Sprint, Do you think it will be compatible with Verizon?? Or sold unlocked by Samsung??

7 days ago

I have been reading there is mixed info on the J7 Sky Pro SM-S727VL specs. I have heard that the box specs are wrong. I have read on the web that it has an octa core of some typ...

11 days ago

12 days ago

The S8 Active is now at T-Mobile, and it supports 600 MHz Band 71. Here?s the link to the news release:

16 days ago

Just replaced S6 with S7 and when talking on the Verizon networked phone on Net10, there's a raspy sound a split second after I speak that seems to be a replay of my voice wit...

23 days ago

I'm updating my father's cell to this one because it has what he needs as a blind person. I can only find network locked to Verizon (can use Page Plus also) on Amazon or EBay. H...

29 days ago Small excerpt from article: There are no mentions of T-Mobile in this FCC filing, but lately there have been some leaks...

More than a month ago

I've searched the Web and all the instructions don't work. Can anybody tell me how to disable Amber alerts on my Tracfone/Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5? TIA
I switched my service from my S6 on Verizon to my Samsung S7. This time I had to insert the SIM for service that came with the phone. When I activated the S6 a couple year ago,...
Which of these would you pick and why? Still waiting on Freedoms pricing for the V30. Kinda torn between these two at the moment. Each has pros and cons obviously.
I bought my Samsung J3 from Hsn in Dec 2016. Battery is no longer charging. Could not find a Samsung battery online for it so my boyfriend bought a knockoff battery for cost of ...
I'm trying to search for data only plans (or any prepaid plan with ROLLOVER of unused units) I believe my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is locked to sprint?
Does anyone know if I can get a Cricket SIM w/data for this device if I obtain one? I know AT&T charges it as a $10 add on, but I'm assuming I'd get it as an additional line on ...
Can someone chime in, does the service mode on the s8 or any samsung phone thats unlocked work on verizon? I know the verizon firmware blocks it out but not sure if the sim has ...
This HSN Samsung Galaxy Luna Pro 5" 16gb with 6.0 marshmallow os & Tracfone 1200mins 1 year service for 89.95 + 6.95 ship +taxes is by my pick THE best TF bundle on HSN & then i... For the first time since Samsung and AT&T teamed up to offer a rugged Galaxy S variant in the form of 2013?s Galaxy...
I am going to get my Cricket Galaxy s6 unlocked. Will this work with any network or just GSM networks? Where is the least expensive place to buy an New iPhone SE that will wo...
I have read on here that you can use the ATT Straight Talk sim on the iPhone. I was wondering if you could do the same with the Galaxy S8? Is the S8 the same S8 as say Verizon o...
I just switched recently from Verizon Wireless to Total Wireless. Now my wife wants the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8. What are some of the best places to buy from? When we were wit...
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