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More than a year ago

I am really intrested in getting the Sony Xperia T and was wondering if anyone knows or thinks Fido might get it?
I have installed cwm and go into recovery mode and installed jelly bean it is stuck in Sony logo and again turned off it can nat going to the cwm what can I do?
I have both phones, keeping only one. Both have excellent build qualities. I like the textured back of the Sony. Sony has a better camera outdoors, One better indoors,...
Looks like they dropped it from the lineup of devices ? Was it really so bad ? Why do they still keep Samsung S4 ? New BB on lineup, did it compare to Sony Z3?

4 days ago

Hi just got the Sony za1 from freedom. But cannot see where I can activate the wifi calling. I looked on there site but the wifi calling feature is not on my had s...

More than a year ago

Has anyone been able to successfully unlock their Mobilicity Sony Xperia ZL? I'm thinking of picking one up, but would like to use it on Fido.
I see an option during checkout when doing an upgrade that I can get wifi calling for the Sony Xperia Z is this true?
WIND is excited to launch ?the world?s most compact smartphone with a 5inch display? the Sony Xperia ZL for $629 outright, or $329 on WINDtab with the WIND 40 plan.
Can I use my Sony Ericsson Walkman phone on the Straight Talk plan? The phone is about 2-3 years old.
i preordered the purple at 2pm est time zone and yet they did not offer me overnight shipping and my eta is July 22nd why so late espilly if you preordered on opening day?
Is the Xperia Z3; coming out next week on wind? According to mobilesyrup yes, but no word or indication from Wind.Anyone have info?

More than a month ago

Sony MDRZX220BT Bluetooth HeadphonesFree with purchase of Sony XZ1 or XA1 Ultra.Dec 1 - T&Cs

More than a year ago

Sony store on eBay selling Red Pocket SIM cards? Why?
Apologies if there is an obvious result to this question. I did a search but couldn't find a definitive answer. Would a Sony Xperia Z3 from Wind get LTE coverage if I unl...
Hi, i lost my sony phone while it was powered off, and want to find a way to see if any of my photos were auto backed up and able to retrieve remotely on computer or google apps...
Just in time for the Back-to-School Campaign, WIND is excited to launch the Sony Xperia L for $329 outright, or as low as $29 on WINDtab. LAUNCH DATE Thursday August 8th, 2013
I recently ordered Sony's Xperia Z1 Compact from Amazon Deutschland. Do I have to pay import taxes/duties in the US? I chose this device because it had more LTE bands...
I have a SE tm506. It works great. I see the Sony Ericsson W518a on Ebay for around $50 new. These are all AT&T or unlocked. If I put my T-Mobile sim in an unlocked one, how dif...
which should i get? a asus transformer infinity TF700T or a sony xperia Z? i do not plan on getting nexus 10 since they don't sell it here and i don't want to go through the has...
Sony has identified an issue with the Sony Xperia Z3 model when used as Mobile Hotspot that exceeds Industry Canada standards. For WIND, this only occurs when users are roam...
Hi Guys, Has anyone been able to update to 4.3? My phone keeps saying its already updated to the latest version. Thanks
I really like how either of these phones sound and I'm not sure which one I should go for. Any help?
Archived from groups: (More info? )For sale: Sony Ericsson Z600 Unlocked (tested with Fido and Rogers) Comes with headset and charger Price: ...
I currently have a Moto X 32GB, Nokia 1020 32GB, and Sony Z1 16GB with a 64GB card. Wife says one must go. Need a little help on this one. The Sony and Moto can be return...

More than a month ago

I have the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium from an official Sony store in Taiwan. it recognizes I enter a sim but doesn't recognize one is in there. The network settings are grayed out a...
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