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While my current cheapie phone (a Redmi Note 3) has working band 28 support, the later versions dropped that. I've found another phone with band 28 support, but it is listed as ...
Probably should have posted earlier. Gonna be in Lisboa soon. Is Voda a smart choice? Looking at the €20 SIM for Travelers: Portuguese pre-paid voice and data SIM card - Vodaf...

3 days ago

hi, Has anyone else been having steadily worsening netflix streaming on vodafone cable broadband in kapiti? Over last month or so I've been finding streaming quality is getting ...

4 days ago

Updated a friend's modem as per the advice from Vodafone here:  However a before and after scan with Bitdefender ...

7 days ago

How to stop txt spam from vodafone, eg "vodafone", 7245, etc etc? Also what kind of auto txt service doesn't understand "STOP"?
Hi Team We have a client moving offices, and circumstances mean we may need to set them up with a 4G connection for 1-2 months.  This is the NZ office of an Australian company, ...

8 days ago

Here's an idea for anyone with a modicum of influence over at Vodafone HQ. I have tablet share. My "tablet" is in fact a wifi hotspot thingie, no phone or txt functions. It only...

9 days ago

Got a txt from Vodafone last night about a new look and a deal in app to celebrate, but the app hasn't updated and there's no associated deal in app. I'm confused.

10 days ago

Hi, roaming in the UK and iPhone 7 keeps asking me to update carrier settings. Is this s good idea or will it impact me when I return to NZ? (Or shall I assume it's ok given i...

14 days ago

Hi,   Firstly, I have done my best to read through the recent vodafone media release regarding the dropping of hosted mail at the end of November:
Greetings. VF recently upgraded my ADSL service to VDSL. Sent out new VDSL modem and now my Sure Signal doesn't seem so sure now. The indicator lights show me that the Sure Sign...

16 days ago

Hey Vodafone, could we blacklist non numeric numbers? Specifically I want to blacklist the new civil defence emergency system.

20 days ago

I thought I'd ask here because dealing with Vodafone support is like pulling teeth and the 24 hour wait between email replies is killer. We're moving quite a few customers over ...

21 days ago

Quick question...   When did Vodafone start sending out HG659b's with the connection expecting to do DHCP Vlan 10 over VDSL? IMO it is great, since that's also what is used on U...

24 days ago

Hi all, just wondering if someone has setup a Vodafone supplied HG659 on VDSL in bridge mode with an Edgerouter before and may be able to offer any tips, or if it's even possibl...
What's the policy on pinned topics? I notice the first one in this forum relates to a 3 year old router which is no longer supplied to customers (as of last month). I don't have...

25 days ago

I know I have touched on this subject before, but I continue to seek a solution that I can understand. In this world of ever-increasing connectedness I find myself with 29 perma...

27 days ago

Hi Mike I already have Gmail and Hotmail - on phone (one Android and one Microsoft), and on Samsung Tablet. These are used whilst travelling in NZ and overseas to communicate wi...
I have a Vodafone supplied tc2710 on their cable network of course. Suddenly all of the lan ports have died. No lights for lan 1-4 on the front, and devices off lan can't get DH...

More than a month ago

I have just installed a TP-Link AC1900 router on Vodafone Fibre X cable & checked all the WAN & LAN settings in the old HG659. Programmed up the AC1900 but no internet. Rang Vod...
Weird thing just happened (~1:15am). I'm on an ADSL connection and it went down for a few minutes, when my router managed to resync it was syncing at about 55/33. I noticed that...
Following on from my previous thread in the LAN forum, I have reflashed my TP-Link TL-WDR3600 with DD-WRT firmware, but I'm having a bit of an issue with this vlan10 tagging. Lo...
Vodafone gateway server ping is down and I'm client, which means all my web services are down too.  Anyone else has experienced the problem?
It looks like Vodafone have finally moved to catch up with the competition. Their web site is now showing these open term plans:  - 10Gb + 1Gb Bonus, $60  - 22Gb + 1Gb Bonus, $8...
General moan here, but long story short, I got tired of repeated disconnections on my FibreX account which required power cycling the FibreX modem.  This was especially inconven...
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