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More than a year ago

Hello, can someone please give me a stock rom for tablet Philips pi3100z2/58, I've looked everywhere, and the official support is non-existant...  
I got my self a new set of headphones, the philips SHB 7000, with bluetooth connection. So i wanted it to connect with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, but when i put the bluetoo...
Hello guys. I recently buyied a tablet for my kids, so they dont use my PC, for games. The tablet is an Philips P2010b, with a rk30 board, an Cortex A9 dual Core and 1 GB RAM, w...
Hi, hope this is the right forum for this, none of the descriptions quite fitted perfectly but this one did mention iPods so is closest I suppose! Yesterday I bought a Phil...
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