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I am reading conflicting info but want to root my Galaxy s5 g900vvru2vdqi2 marshmallow 6.01 as I am tired of the bloatware and need the memory. I am an IT guy but have no experi...

2 days ago

Hi folk I have Samsung Galaxy S7 and I am using it for work and take a lot of photos (smallest resolution ) and I need to send them via email but size are too big for email. ...
Accidentally deleted some important photos on your phone while having no backup? Wonder know how to recover deleted photos from Samsung or other Android phones quickly?  

3 days ago

Hello everyone, Recently I have been trying to use screen mirroring on my Samsung phone with my Samsung Smart TV. Both devices are connected to the same wifi, but every time I t...
Hi everyone! First time poster here... I'm looking to buy new phones for a 4/$100 family plan (I currently have an old slider phone). I had almost bought the Galaxy J7 Perx for ...
Last summer I dropped my Samsung Galaxy S5 into a river, I pulled it out and dried it up, after 1-2 days I took it out and it died on me that night. Now I plugged it into my com...
I am seeing a lot of (allegedly) New In Box s5s on eBay for around $170.00. But where are they getting them? I do not think they are being made any longer. I might be willing...

6 days ago

Hi, My Galaxy S7 seems to die very quickly. I use it specifically during the day in high school and from 6:00 to about the time I get out to class at 2:30 the phone is at aro...

7 days ago

I have a Galaxy SM-G950U1 unlocked i'm looking for Sammobile no good had 3 Errors as well as Samsung had the same 3 Errors and in the...

13 days ago

Guy's please advice how to update my Note 8 sms and whatsapp conversations with the backup i got on my pc, both sms and whatsapp backups beeing saved either html or csv, the hio...
Hey guys, I've updated to nougat on my EE Samsung galaxy s7, UK But facing issues. Video randomly stop, YouTube, sky sports etc, while watching a video it just randomly ...

14 days ago

I needed to recover old data off of my Samsung Galaxy S7 - this required a root for and from the programme I was using called "dr.frone" or "Wondershare". After connecting my ph...

15 days ago

Bare with me please .... I'm new to this .... Have old Tab 2 10.1 v. 4.2.2 OS .... if I re-root this unit what is the latest/greatest version OS I can upgrade it to? .... Or i...

16 days ago

Hi, need help to solve Samsung J7 +(plus) = cp crash upload mode. Bought a month ago, suddenly it crash, "ram/mode crash" then it shown cp crash upload mode on the display. ...

17 days ago

Hi Got a samsung sm-v100t from a friend. It has no service. Any one know if it can be used as a N.A.S. ?  

18 days ago

Hi guys Am trying to root Galaxy s8 running 7.0 using c.f. boot. Every time I go to install it says recovery and hangs for s while before failing. Does anyone have any tip...
Hello all, I have a Samsung Galaxy J500F. I rooted the device. While using SuperSU I transferred the Galaxy's system files (all files) to the sim card. After the transfer a d...

19 days ago

I have a Samsung galaxy J7 Perx (J727P) from boost mobile and I was wondering if I got gear vr or cardboard which would work or would both work? what would happen if I got gear ...

22 days ago

Hi. First I have tried searching the forum. Im new here and am finding it very hard to search the forum. Searching at the top gets me no where. I really am not a techy person. I...

23 days ago

New phone a few weeks old. Purchased the phone to use mainly as a normal mobile and maps on our travels from little use as yet. Use PCs/laptop most of the time...

25 days ago

I have a cheap android phone: Samsung Galaxy Sky S320VL, which Samsung makes for Straight Talk (and maybe Verizon and AT&T too). It runs Marshmallow 6.0.1. I don't see an...

27 days ago

When I receive a MMS, (whether I open it or not) my phone creates a folder labeled 'Samsung Messages' in my gallary and automatically saves the picture received from the MMS. Ho...
Hello. I need to backup and restore my samsung note 5. Which is a better way to go? Back up and Restore from Samsung Cloud or from Google? Thank you.  

29 days ago

Hi folks, I have a problem, albeit probably a silly one. You wouldn’t thing I was a retired software designer! I’ve a Samsung A3 running Android. Problem is that when I’m he...

More than a month ago

Can anyone tell me how to turn off the alert that a call was blocked? If I blocked a number I did this specifically so I would not get any alerts.  
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