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Hallo, I am looking support in figuring out what is the real cause of my phones issue. My phone started to randomly shut itself down and then either working again or looping...

8 days ago

Hello I am looking for a Stock rom of the Alcatel onetouch 9002A (aka alcatel pixi 3 (7) 3G) I have tried the rom for the 9002x and it runs everything works apart from the...

15 days ago

I put my H20 sim in an AT&T Alcatel Ideal & the operator settings never came through so i created an H20 APN profile manually & it fixed the phone's problem with sending & recei...

20 days ago

I have done programming - know NOTHING about linux (well, I can spell it). I have figured out how to attach phone to laptop and place desired files into notifications and ri...

21 days ago

For anyone curious, it seems nearly identical to the Idol 4, the two noticeable differences being the Idol 5 will have a MediaTek P20, which uses 16nm FinFET process, meaning it...
Hi. I try flash phone using official ROM and POLAND ROM from here. First one need format (this way I found this forum - format brick my phone :P). Both have same error - S_...

22 days ago

911/411??? Got in a hurry and didn't backup and store, or add my account. How can I find out account info for ppl who used to own this phone??? HELP PLEASE

24 days ago

Hello! Today I received a ot-5057m with a cyanogen mod rom, customer is having problems to install some apps, Im in search of the original rom, I searched OTU tool but seems...

More than a month ago

Phone was with firmware 2045X_L5GR_V1.6_160712_CAM30_MCP128_64_FM_BT_IE_VD . I try to change language to Magyar with firmwares: Code: 2045X_L6HU_V1.1_160219_CAM30_MCP128_64_FM...
Hi to all,here you may download for free without password firmware for Alcatel 4060a so you might flash it via Nck Dongle or Qfil
Do any of you have this phone? If so what do you think of it? I haven’t seen much coverage for it compared to the Moto G5 Plus and Honor 6X.  
Alcatel OT-1050G Gift for gsmhosting users. File info & Download link ===> SPD6531A_W25Q32BV Code: 1050G-3[X=A]VDTZ1 spd RAR PASS: gsmhosting
The full name is L850-ATBPL3. It's polish. Is it possible to get it? I found some czech firmware but I'm afaid to flash it as it's not for my country i guess. Thanks in advance
HI! My Alcatel Pixi 4, not old, cannot send or receive messages, the keyboard does not come up all of a sudden. I opened phone, put chip back in, Wi-fi working, can receive and...
I have Vodafone vfd 301 that is stuck on rounding ball after reset.please help me with ROM or Alcatel equivalent. sorry to mention names but there is this great guy BrKa all his...
hi all can anyone share with pro_info for this model OT-916X-2AYGES1-S40 phone now on reboot situation tried ot-916d rom (from @brka) but same result tried OTU but i...
I've been considering upgrading my wife's phone to one with Wifi calling for a while now (she sometimes finds herself in weak coverage areas and misses calls). The final straw w...
I have this phone on my hands i need any rom if any people can provide link for me please advanced.
I tried many times to root this device .... With different recovery and OS .... I need help badly  
How do I get the phone to a.) recognize the card, b.) move apps to the card, and/or c.) download new apps to the card. It's as if it's not in there at all. Totally usele...
i have tried reformating whole flash then flashing many 5038E stock roms sucess in flashing but still dead/ black screen no power . . i try to update 5038 but says wrong Model n...
A friend of mine went into the Sprint dealer just recently and asked for "the cheapest phone that you have like this": and he pulled his Samsung flip phone out of his pocket to ...
Does anybody know why there were many unlocking services via ebay for this phone that were at most $5 and now are anywhere from $50-100? Do they run out of unlock codes and rais...
TCL P561U firmware & flash guide need uploading images uploading images
after try install cmw device only restart on logo. i need firmware for flashing my device. model alcatel pixi vibe 4034A pid 4034A-2ATSAU3 thanks in advance
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