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3 days ago

Pls anybody help me with blackberry keyone BBB100-2 flash file. The camera cannot open.Or anybody can tell how to fix camera not open.

6 days ago

Hi all, does anyone know if this phone will connect to a hands free kit in a car and display the phone book/contacts? I need a cheap 2nd hand phone that will connect to the ...

10 days ago

What better way to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving than with a new BlackBerry? Let's just maybe overlook that it was announced in Dubai, and its availability at launch will be l...
A new BlackBerry device has been unveiled. The BlackBerry Motion is an all touch device and is set to release in 'selected markets' soon. Notable specs include: 4000 ...
Blackberry announced its latest crack at an all-screen smartphone during the GITEX Technology Week in Dubai on Sunday. The Motion is the company's third Android phone to ditch t...

12 days ago

I have an old Blackberry Playbook on which I took a 44 meg video of one of my family, not realizing that was too big to attach to an email. Is there any method already buil...
After upgrading BlackBerry passport from v10.3.1 to 10.3.3 the network signal is not strong anymore,pls any help?
Hi All, I have recently purchased BlackBerry Ketone running on Android Nougat 7.1.1 To my surprise I don't fine Gallery icon in device. Is it normal with Nougat or som...

14 days ago

Hi, Any tool different than Chimera that can do direct unlock to this devices (Blackberry Z10) I don't want to pay over 70 $ for activation and 9 more in credit for just 1 unloc...

15 days ago

I just purchased a used Black Berry Bold 9900 off of ebay. It's running OS 7. The phone is great, but here's my question: The software was "out of the box" when I rec...
Hello, was replaced display then stopped working pwr and volume. Power works when the phone is off (normally starts the system) stops responding when the phone is started (vol...

16 days ago

here firmware just watching video

23 days ago

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24 days ago

I put a mikuni hsr carburetor on my 1986 Harley FLHTC 1340 cc. I am having a problem at hard acceleration when crusing and accelerating on hills I get some mild nocking (spark n...

28 days ago

For the past couple weeks, the Blackberry 'Krypton' has had a couple rumoured specs leak but we never saw any photos of this device which always makes me a little more intereste...
I bought a KEYone when they first came out. I never realized how much I missed the physical keyboard. I loved it so much that I recently bought a brand new Passport still shri...

More than a month ago

hi to all i have black berry 8520 with app error 523 and i try to install new os with desktop manager, during instalation he give some error and after my phone is no more ali...
I Have Phone Wich Is Show At Startup Your device could Not Be registerd With The Blackberry Infrastructure What is Problem In this Phone
Blackberry Mobile is expected to launch another Blackberry Android phone codename Krypton in October 2017. This is to cater people who are not into physical keyboards but enjo...
Guys anyone here knows why I am always changing port number from pop3 110 to TLS to 995. Sometimes 110 OK sometime not OK so I need to used TLS 995. Any ideas, links ...
Hello, A month ago I bought Genius SP-HF160 speakers. Today I tried plugging them in my PC, but they don't work. When I plug them in, the small light at the backside of the...
Repair your damaged Blackberry Bold 9700 / 9780 using this take apart repair guide compiled together . This is a great video guide which shows all steps required to fully disass...
Blackberry Z30 Came for antitheft lock. after flashing mobile. Not power on any one give me solution Thanks in advance
Sim not detected, change sim trey but all the same, need sim way drawing or any other adwise please!
I used the BBVE to test sensor services, but all unavailable!!! I cleaned the proximity sensor, but still unavailable!!! How to do fix it??? Thank you
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