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Hello - I have a strange thing happening. I have a Mobile Phone with Nougat on it. Added my Google account as usual, looked in my contacts and there were no contacts in there. w...
Is it possible to get ok Google  to work when the screen is asleep on the galaxy s8?  
Hi, guys. Whenever i try to add or create a new personal word or dictionary shortcut on Google keyboard it crashes immediately upon selecting personal dictionary. I'm pretty tec...
A new report has the scoop on the screen sizes, processors, design and more for the two expected Pixel 2 phones. Google Pixel 2 Specs Leaked: Here's What to Expect : Read more
My daughter has an iPhone 7 which uses Google for Contacts and Gmail. To my knowledge, all seemed fine. I set her up with an iPad Air 2 the other day using all of the same se...

2 days ago

and done all except throw it out the window and forever retraining voice or reinstalling google app and uninstalling updates, what on the planet to keep ok google to listen if i...
I am using the "S planner" app on Samsung S4 Android 5.0.2. Mostly using it to watch public calendars. I was having problems selecting calendars to view. I went in to setting an...

3 days ago

My default Google Assistant language on my account is set to English Philippines (for some unknown reason!) and I want to change it to my native speaking language English UK so ...
Somehow, I picked this virus up. Malwarebytes identified it, but can't remove it. Avast doesn't even see it. Unrooted Nexus please.

5 days ago

Google's Pixel 2 could take some design cues from Samsung's Galaxy S8 if this mock-up from a Pixel fan turns out to be close to the final version. Please, Google, Use This Pi...
On my android device google photos would update photos in the background as long as had it set in settings to do so over cellular. I had video on wifi only. It would always be u...
Google today announced that it will stop scanning the emails of its free Gmail users for the purpose of delivering personalized ads later this year. ? If you've recently...

6 days ago

It seems like I've only ended up posting grumbles in the Apple forum recently...but.... What is the benefit to me of apple not allowing me to use google photos as my default ...
Attached photo is Google Play webpage screenshot, there are some apps in the screenshot which need to be removed from Google Play website. Take Tmobile-related apps for ex...

7 days ago

Getting these pop ups on my screen and back, recent and home buttons work in the background but on screen that pop stays... To see the background screen, click on the "google pl...

8 days ago

Quote: Sony helped Google improve wireless audio quality in Android O LDAC can transmit higher bitrates to compatible Bluetooth gadgets by Chris Welch Mar 21, 2...
Every time I use google map app as GPS, it consumes a lot of power, and the phone is very hot right after the trip. If I use google map app frequently, will it significantl...

9 days ago

Who needs Google Play Developer Account? I have for sale Please contact me via skype: bartiquelk  
I'm wondering if anyone else is seeing issues with Google Streets on the new iPad 10.5? When I try to go into Street View from the Google Maps app, there's a delay of between 5-...

10 days ago

How do i unsync my Iphone from google photos.It synced with my school account and my school can see all the photos i take and i don't want that to happe. Help me please.
When you're unable to access your Google account is there any way you can speak to a live person to get help.
I was considering ordering one of these and was stumbling through the official threads here and yet am seeing no followup ...

11 days ago

The last 2 days, on my iPad Mini 4, when I search with google, I'm missing the normal web search results. Video and app results show up. I am on the latest iOS version. It wo...

12 days ago

A lot of investments depending on Android+Java So begs the question, will Google abandon Android and Java for its own Fuchsia, Go, Rust and C/C++ ? Maybe I should put more...

14 days ago

My sister upgraded her phone and wants to give her old Moto G to her son. She did a factory reset to wipe it and now Google Play will not work. It's constantly crashing. When it...
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