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Hi, Do like to check will nokia 6 be launch from local teleco? and any idea when?? so far only saw it on lazada which is from china do like to get a local set to avoid an...


I grabbed the last CU update 15063.138 for my 1520.3. Not a very good experience, mostly because most of the Microsoft apps are not current (not compared to my 640XL on 15063.2)...

2 days ago

my nokia 105 dual sim no signal my phone recognize sim but not found network and signal is zero plz help me
hello, i need nokia 2610 rh-86 V 3.71 / V 4.51(mcu,ppm,cnt) urgently. thanks in advance....
Step by step video which allow you to replace glass in Lumia 830:

3 days ago

I was getting this issue with my camera, not all the time, but sometimes when switching to camera mode either camera or video, the screen image will start distorting like shifti...
My Lumia Icon's battery is dying. Other than battery life, I'm very satisfied for now with build 15063.2 (ver. 1703). If I could replace it with another (used) Icon, would MS le...
aaha 303 white screen or quick reboot when insert charger auto off itself sometimes sometime work fine but very rarely any solution...?
To be clear my power and volume buttons don't work and the screen is glaring at the lock screen itself please help by anyway you know

4 days ago

Below you can find how to replace broken sim slot in Lumia 920:
I have Lumia 535, having low network problem. ?Tried many sim cards to check if it is operator issue or not. ? Showen to repair shop but didn't work. Is it possible that...
Hi, I was givven n UFS-5 + HWK box by a friend, I want to download Saras Software for this box, I have no activation strings or codes etc for this box, what can I do? I already ...

5 days ago

My venerable 930 has been great, but recently wordflow stopped working. Any ideas how to get it back would be wecome!! Cheers.

6 days ago

Hey everyone! So, I'm having some problems over here. I recently got a Lumia 925, and the Windows 10 support for this phone have been totally cut out. I read on some forums lik...

7 days ago

I got my lumia 930 back from warranty, but it was restored to windows 8.1. First thing I wanted to do was to upgrade it back to Windows 10. So I installed Update Advisor, and ch...

10 days ago

My Lumia 1520 stopped rebooting and functioning. The following are the things I did to try to fix it: - Charged the phone for several hours using both the wall charger and the ...
I was thinking about buying one of these tablets for cheap - but my question is - Does Windows 10 work if you install it on this tablet? If not, does Skype work on this tablet, ...

11 days ago

Not sure how much it would cost to repair so thinking of replacing with another Lumia. So what would be suggested that is similiar to the 1320. Because my mobile is totally dea...

12 days ago

Hello Everyone. Got an amazing deal on a Verizon Lumia 2520 with red power keyboard. I read through the previous thread which indicated to uninstall drivers, shut down, and sta...

16 days ago

the LTE bands which are available in RM-893 are not of use for me as none of the $G services provider is using those bands in india. so i want to flash my phone with RM-892 firm...

17 days ago

Guys, I picked up a refurbished 1520 on ebay for 100.00 this week. LOVE the phone. However, while everything was working great, I noticed I could not tether. I went on my carr...
Hurray, my 1520 arrived in the mail today. I've been working on getting it setup for awhile and I tried to do the update to the latest insider build. Error. Well, that stin...
Leaked specs show a Nokia flagship that may surpass the Galaxy S8 in a few key areas, including the camera. Nokia 9 Could Beat Galaxy S8 with This : Read more
When I turn ON the phone is only NOKIA screen. I try flash with BEST and error: Verify files ... MAUI : RM-1133_ROM_eMP_11.00.11 VIVA : RM-1133_VIVA_eMP_11.00.11 ...
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