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2 Days back my phone drained completely at night while I was sleeping. In The morning before going out I plugged it into a wall charger and it turned on automatically and displa...
Hi, Disappointed with the speed of the camera with win10 installed on my 1020. I am sure back in the win8.1 days, it was a lot faster! Am I making that up? If so, how can I ...


Just input if somebody needs it. I spent hours trying to downgrade from W10M then trying to turn the phone on. I have Lumia 635 AT&T (unlocked). It was working great, I think,...
Nokia has big comeback plans, with four new smartphones arriving this year. Starting in July, you’ll be able to buy the midrange Nokia 6 online from Amazon. Can the Nokia 6 H...

5 days ago

Hi friends ! My nokia x rm-980 has bricked or dead due to format of mmcblk0 parttion mistakenly and now it is detected as qualcomm 9008 in pc. There is no even vibration with po...

6 days ago

DCT4 Code Calculator by Hollowman 5.4

8 days ago

Withings on Tuesday completed its rebrand to the Nokia label, following news of the buyout last spring , and as part of the transition two new connected health products have be...

9 days ago

My 930 ended up in a death spiral of boot loops unless it was plugged in. I found a few threads on here that referred to using Windows Device Recovery Tool (WDRT) so downloaded ...

10 days ago

Does anyone know a good source to show how to break the 2520 down? My screen no longer comes on and I want to make sure it isn't a simple connection issue. Would rather not take...

11 days ago

Hi all, I just activated my 930 insider but havent received the CU update. Can someone help me please? Thank you.

15 days ago

When I call using bluetooth, the party on the other end hears me like I have wind blowing all around me. It happens at any speed (including stopped in a parking lot). I have tri...

16 days ago

I've had my white 1520 for two and a half years and it has held up well until now. It has been running the release version of W10M since March 2016. A few months ago I stopped u...
Respected Experts , I humble Request Everyone For Support Me To Recovery Each Data From My Nokia 206 . I Dont Know How Its Dead But I Am Shocked...
First of all charging my lumia 925 is a big problem it takes much longer than its supposed too as the screen loves to turn back on and unlock itself... Periodicly no matter what...
phone after resetting, default settings. yet I cant charge my phone properly, takes a couple hours longer then it should. due to the phone unlocking itself ONLY while charging. ...

19 days ago

Has anyone been able to duplicate the 4 mic Rich Audio surround stereo recording experience that the 1520 gives, with another phone solution? I have since moved past Windows 152...

20 days ago

I hope it has broken and fall into water.Mobile is not working. I asked nearby shop. He said the inbuilt memory is fine but remaining phone part are not good. I have some creden...

21 days ago

Hello, A few years ago my Nokia 1208 was dropped. Soon afterwards, it would not turn on, when turned on it just shows a blank screen, as shown in the picture. It then can'...

22 days ago

lcd laghit problem any help me ....... note -- laghit singnal tranzister 3 print damage plz any soluction pkz help me
Anyone experiencing weaker or no LTE connection with the Windows 8.1 update? I have the 1520.3 RM-380 version and had great LTE prior to the update.

23 days ago

Some days before I changed the display of my nokia xl phone. After it when someone calling to me, then screen is working automatically. Same problem when I am calling to others....
Bought the Nokia 3310 2017 Avaxx Set. Not Bad This post has been edited by SteadyPana: Yesterday, 02:51 PM

28 days ago

When I got this phone there was no internet sharing option. Then I think an update (or something) made this option available. I have been using my phone's data as my sole intern...
Please, help me. My phone Lumia 929 when starts show "not for resale" and I cannot update to windows phone 8.1.

29 days ago
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