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2 days ago

Is anyone a guru on how they work in what appears to be unbranded handsets? My XZ Dual F8332 which was purchased in Hong Kong and has no operator branding updated from 1 Dec to...
1) [Name of Product and specifications goes here *Required] Sony Vaio Flip, Intel 4th gen core i7 4500U processor, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 1080p 13.3" screen, freshly reset Windows...

6 days ago

I am on holiday in Portugal and I have turned off data roaming as I normally do when abroad. This time I have a problem as I get a continuous flashing messaage telling me that d...

7 days ago

Need unlock code for: sony ericsson j132 and samsung SGH B520b Thank you.

8 days ago

I have a Sony Xperia M. For some reason it got put into safe mode. I've tried switching it off and on again and holding in the volume up key like it suggests on the internet. I'...
Hi, Sony xperia XA no dispolay after camera replacement, Can anyone please tell me the location of the display fuse?
Hello. I was using the pen with clip studio paint when the sensitivity suddenly stopped working and the pen is making marks even when it's not touching the screen. I looked a...

10 days ago

I have the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium from an official Sony store in Taiwan. it recognizes I enter a sim but doesn't recognize one is in there. The network settings are grayed out a...

13 days ago

Check out Sony?s latest smartphone ? it packs Motion Eye, a slow-motion video feature that records at 960 fps! View full story here...

14 days ago

My Sony X has developed a fault and won't charge. My insurance is replacing it but I have lots of photos on the internal storage and I don't think that they have backed up. Is...

15 days ago

I bought an iPhone SE for my mother, who owns a Sony Ericsson Elm at the moment. Does anyone have an idea how we can copy all her contacts and, very important (!) her text me...

19 days ago

I have a sony xperia z which i have rooted, unlocked bootloader and upgraded to 5.02 android version, also have instlled cwm/twrp recovery however i cannot seem to flash any cus...

20 days ago

Lent my Sony Xperia SP (C5306) to someone, it came back soft-bricked. I assume this, because the phone vibrates 3 times when charging now, and the screen will not ever turn on a...

22 days ago

I encourage anyone interested to share their experience and join the discussion:

24 days ago

Andorama has the 16/512 gigabyte model at at 1399 which i havent seen in a long time, they have been selling the 8 gig model for 1599 for the past months. Its a good deal, http...
hello i have problem with speaker, speaker not working, One item marked in the photo has been torn off, or it affects the loudspeaker, This element was soldered from another...
hello mates i juz ned help for my phone sony v10 cloned pattern only and i format it in volcano its blue screen now how i can find backup or good firmware hope u help me badly n...

25 days ago

Hi, I'm new to Android TVs, every now and then I get an icon appear on the right of the screen, so far this has happened 3 times (all different icons). I can't figure out wh...
Hi guys My Xperia is getting so slow since 1 month I tried reset also It is going slow again It goes slow mainly when I run 2 or more apps alternately Please give me rep...

26 days ago

I can't believe how underrated this phone is! First a quick glance: It has DUAL FRONT FACING STEREO SPEAKERS It is WATERPROOF, IP68 certified (also yeah great camera ...

28 days ago

I saw the new Canvas Stylus have a rubber grip to them. I'm using the Tap 11 stylus, which looks like its mostly stayed the same, but no grip. Does anyone know if the grips are ...
My Sony experia x will not display photos saved on sd card, and I cannot change settings to keep photos in internal storage. Really fed up with Android and Sony.
hi, Someone knows what the problem of this phone, the screen goes blank, I changed several screen and the problem continues. Here is the link:

29 days ago

Once again, Sony is looking to raise the bar for smartphone cameras with the launch of the Xperia XZ Premium, the world's first phone to feature super slow motion. Sony's Xp...
The Xperia Touch is unlike any projector you've seen before, but be prepared to splurge. Sony's Wild Touchscreen Projector Is Widly Expensive : Read more
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