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More than a year ago

Alcatel 918D hi all, i need root for Alcatel one touch 918D. anybody an idea? cu
plz i need a rom for alcatel one touch 5035x bin file i cant upgrade by alcatel support aplication,
I am looking for someone that has successfully rooted an Tracfone Alcatel A851L ! Also have a Alcatel Icon Pop A564c that I want to root .
need rom for alcatel 997D i rooted my alcatel 997D and i need any rom any thing for it please help
Alcatel OT-995 Hi everyone, Anyone know where to get screen protectors for Alcatel OT-995 Thanks
Dear bro,i need Alcatel 5020t bin file if u have then plz give me link of this file thanks you for that
Guys Please, some one can give me a Firmware for Alcatel 6037 (Idol2) for SpFlashTools, Please please help me!

More than a month ago

I have Alcatel A621BL, locked by "Simple Mobile", I want to know if is possible unlock this phone. Thanks!

More than a year ago

I am planning to buy this phone the Alcatel Pop Icon, anyone has experience with it? Is it any good? Thanks.
Trying to move apps to my sdcard on an alcatel 4015t cell phone and it says I must root the device first.
My Alcatel 6037k hanged on logo. Please help me in this regard. What should i do to take it back to work
alcatel one touch 990 how to update?how to flash?need firmware and guide me to flash and update?
I needing alcatel android driver , my model is alcatel ot 918 , when I connect that aske alcatel android driver all driver not done. Yors halp
Alcatel onetouch 8000a Anyone care for easy rooting and cwm recovery if alcatel ot8000a?ThanksSent from my ALCATEL ONE TOUCH 8000A using Tapatalk
I have some Alcatel parts , but I don't how to replace these.Who can tell me the way to replace part for Alcatel mobile phone??
ALCATEL OT-802, Alcatel One Touch 819 Soul, Alcatel OT813D Spicy Red, Alcatel OT-916D, Alcatel One Touch 806D Indigo Gray. The screens or touch screen of these models compatible...
hello! exist the alcatel pop c9 device here in the forum? i need roms, kernels etc.. please help me!! i cant find this device on this site!!!!
Please help!Need firmware and flasher for Alcatel 1010x ,or information what boxes work with him for the change of language
I HAVE FAILED TO FIND THE FLASH FILE / FIRMWARE FOR MY ALCATEL 0T-808.....please some one help me urgently !!!!
hello every one i have alcatel ot-4010d and i want Rom for my mobile can some one help me and make rom with CMW , please !!!
So my mother has the alcatel a392g and there is an icon on the screen that is not in the manual anywhere and I was wondering if anyone could identify it. It is a tracfone btw....
Hi i have one alcatel 70414x no power no charging, when put charging only appears a white light in left up. Please help Br
Hello, I need Alcatel one touch 7041D firm with Croatian language for SP_Flash_Tool thank you very much

7 days ago

Hidoes anyone know where I can get a manual for my Alcatel A3 XL PhoneThanksDaniel  

More than a month ago

Hello! I search firmware for Alcatel 4034x with polish language. Open or Orange firmware. 4034x-2BRGMC3
my alcatel onetouch wont power on. when i plug the charger in only thing happens is the light flashes white

More than a year ago

I wanted to know if you guys could add the device Alcatel sonic LTE to the forums and if there was anybody out there developing roms for this device.
please mates i need arabic rom for alcatel one touch pixi 4007d and how to install it on the phone
I have a Alcatel OT991 can't read memory card, someone have soluction o schematics? Thanks in advance
hi guys i need a flash for repair this model alcatel can you help me urgrence ps sent me a link for download
Please urgent Needed alcatel Fire C 4020d Frimware if any buddy have it then give me a link please It has spredtrum 6820/8810 Cpu
pls help need alcatel 2045x frimware ************************************************** *********************************
Anyone know how to unlock these Alcatel Tracfones Icon Pop A564c? I've been trying and searching with no luck
hi all, this team have 7024W Alcatel OT become paperweights, by chance someone could help me with a stock firmware to resuscitate?
hihow flash alcatel which not detect if connect and only ligh the charge led?what box for do it
Hello, i have two pieces alcatel hero only white light when charger conected. no signal when conected to the pc. any solution for this?
can anyone help with a firefox os or android rom for alcatel 4019x i just want that haves portuguese language regards
Hello. I need firmware for Alcatel 5073E for Flash Tool, i tried flash with 5036a and the phone is dead.
i was looking for solution for alcatel 4010x.., i found the flasher but din found the file to flash.. solution?
hi friends i have an alcatel ot 916 that not power on how can i flash it. i dont find any flasher and file for it please help thanks
is there anyone out there that knows of a video that shows how to change the glass front of the ALCATEL OT 983, the repairers want 70 euros to replace it them selves
Is there any custom rom or kitkat rom for alcatel one touch soleil? pls help me guys i really need to update.
Good evening everyone, i am new to this forum. Could someone tell how it works here. I have a alcatel OT 4030A that is locked to a network.
Please help if You can. I can't do outgoing call with my Alcatel OT355 suddenly !. I receive and sent messages, no problem this side. Thanks
I was rooting my Alcatel one touch pop tablet and now its frozen in 85% how do I unfreeze it or is still rooting ? Someone please help!  
Just wondering...has anyone been able to install CyanogenMod for the Alcatel One Touch Fierce?  
How to Flesh Alcatel One Touch 2045X Please Help me I need file with FleshTool Because SPD Tool is not working
Hello to all GSMHosting users. I need firmware for Alcatel 6036A, is a qualcomm phone. Thanks in advance!
hi, in need of alcatel 4017a firmware CPU: MT6572M 4017A-2BC9JM1 many thanks in advance.
Hello. I have here one Alcatel 6039J with one trojan and instal **** app.. Make hard reset but not solve. How to apply firmware on this model?
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