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More than a year ago rino..i have blackberry curve 8320..but no blackberry messenger application on my phone..please help me..if you want send message to me just send it to ...
Blackberry os on android? is there a launcher out there with the blackberry mobile os or bb 10 like?
RIM is now BlackBerry, and BlackBerry has released the BlackBerry OS 10 operating system and the two smartphones BlackBerry Q10 and Z10 Esato News
I guess BlackBerry can be added to the Android section soon I'm definitely buying this, day one!
In the light of the recent proclamation that BlackBerry is seeking buyers. Who do you think is the most likely to snag BB?
Are there any Blackberry users still left here? I know that it's rare nowadays but just wondering whether there are any holdouts?
Is it possible to sideload Android apps onto a Blackberry Playbook without connecting the Playbook to a computer?
Was wondering, T mobile pulled the Blackberry priv back last summer , was it pulled for good or still available in stores?
As the title says I am wanting to find some old message and email tones from the blackberry days. Anyone know where to find or an app that has the sounds?  
Do you need some portable battery for blackberry? If you always lack of power, then you may check SINOELE power banks!
i want to unlock a blackberry torch 9800 from the bell network,, can anyone point me in the right direction? miig.
When accidentally deleted some important messages from your BlackBerry Bold 9900 or others? This BlackBerry Data Recovery can help you get them back them easily even without bac...
today went to Jem's singtel n starhub looking for Blackberry PRIV display set and not selling blackberry PRIV !! some even said "sorry sir ,we don't sell blackberry !! ..
i'm thinking about a Q10 and I am wondering if I will have to pay extra money every month for blackberry data?? or will web surfing and MMS work fine using an Unlocked ph...
Condition of Blackberry hey guys.....this thread is actually about a general discussion. First tell me for what Blackberry is known for? Its OSBBM right?? ...
Want to get a att blackberry and use it with att sim for straighttalk. When i had a blackberry on pageplus i had modified service books to get blackberry internet and picture me...
I saw that Straight Talk is now offering a Blackberry phone. Does this mean that an unlocked Blackberry can be used on Straight Talk, or is the Blackberry Straight Talk sells d...
as we know that blackberry uses self operating system named blackberry os but now a days, blackberry seeks Apple iOS developer iPhone and iPad tools. I don't understand why ? ...
My upgrade is coming up soon and I still very much like Blackberry's. I went into an EE store and enquired about the Q10, the sales assistant said they no longer sell Blackberry...
So whoever tweets for the official Blackberry Twitter account doesn't use a Blackberry . Oh dear.
I lost my blackberry and bought a new one so when I sign in all my lost contacts appeared on my new blackberry so is it possible that I can also get my lost photos?
Had a quick question, I have a Blackberry Curve with T-Mobile, I will be getting a unlocked non Blackberry phone. Is there anything that I need to do in order to use my new unlo...
I have see some others topics but i want to confirm... 1 : If i have a BlackBerry Plan ... can i use with a BlackBerry - IPhone - Android without any problem ? 2: When i ...
The trackball of my Blackberry 8830 will not scroll to the right. It will scroll up, down, and left, but not right.Is there a shortcut for scrolling right?
When? Where? Carrier? Price? Always had a soft spot for Blackberry. Bought into Android, but to have the best of both.... Shut up and take my money Posted via the And...
Just like to know before I buy one, if anyone has a Blackberry Classic on Wind, has there been any problems? Any SMS or MMS issues? Thanks.
The Blackberry Z30 is now available for pre-order at Rogers' reservation system. Anyone planning on getting a Z30?
Hello friends, Why still no dual sim in BlackBerry and iPhone? Corporate Gifts
blackberry app Hi all I am using T DcsRom 2.3.4 bb app is not available for GB ??
I want to buy a blackberry battery charger. Here are several recommendation. Please give me some advise, which one is the best and worth to own? SinoeleYubooMili.....
Hey guys, Can someone please post the URL for the ST Blackberry BIS Site plse. Thanks
My sister in law has an AT&T blackberry curve (with the trackpad) and I was wondering if I can use it on straight talk? Thanks!
Sweet!!! A new blackberry!! Who's ditching the nexus for bb z10!?!?! NOT ME! Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using xda premium
how does the discount work? do i need to have a connected blackberry on my t-mobile line or can i use an old blackberry from verizon that i no longer use?
What are your thoughts? Any die hard android fans untreated or is the name BlackBerry a turn off? It interests me a lot although I find BlackBerry 10 more useful, would you guys...
I left straighttalk for a while and went to cricket wireless and now i'm coming back to straighttalk. I still have my straighttalk branded blackberry curve 9310. I was wondering...
WIND is excited to launch the highly anticipated BlackBerry Q5, perfect for QWERY keyboard enthusiasts. The BlackBerry Q5 will be available for $399 outright, or $99 on WINDtab ...
My friend has a blackberry 10 and my iPhone 4 is not able to play mp4s emailed grim the blackberry. Is there any reason why it shouldn't? Is there some difference of codec...
Blackberry lockscreen ??? Just see the port of the blackberry 10 lockscreen to Nexus. I wonder that if we could have that amazing lockscreen on our atrix ??? Big...
With all the turmoil surrounding blackberry, what are their phones worth on the marketplace? For example, i have a Blackberry Q5 i've been trying to sell, is 250 an unreasonable...
BlackBerry with Android Is there plans to bring a BlackBerry section to XDA? Or is anyone even interested? launchers can be used to basically run android on BB10...
Blackberry remote with Touchpad has anyone been able to get this to work?? does cm9/touchpad support the bluetooth HID profile? i cannot get my Blackberry to fin...
REQUEST) Blackberry Z10 Keyboard For Galaxy S3 Please I Want Blackberry Z10 Keyboard For Galaxy S3
Blackberry 10 ROM? Just as the title states, what is the likelihood that we will see the Blackberry 10 OS running on an Android device?Sent from my Nexus S 4...
hello, i bought a blackberry playbook and i cant activate it the serial number is blocked or something blackberry technical assistance wont help and was to bypass this so i can ...
I gave my mate a very old Blackberry think it's a 7230/7290. Will BBM work with this device? He has a T-Mobile payg simcard with blackberry services built in.
Nevermind, found a setting in the main setting section that someone had changed to make it appear that way.
Still waiting for some legit review sites to weigh in, but the reviews thus far seem mixed. Any opinions?
Would you buy a Blackberry Passport with updated hardware running Android with blackberry improvements seen on the Priv?
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