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More than a year ago

hi I have this htc desire and its stuck on htc logo. any idea how to fix this one. any idea is welcome

More than a month ago

I have been an HTC user for a long time. Currently I have the HTC 10. Was wondering if it is worth upgrading to the HTC 11? I really like my HTC 10.Thanks!Brian

More than a year ago

I cant find it anywhere on my phone. I had the desire a few years ago and it was there If i go into apps its there but its nowhere on my menu
HTC Blinkfeed Hello, Is it possible somehow to get HTC BLINKFEED to Xperia X10??? Cause that looks cool
Hi All,Which is the Best htc mobile....actually I had never used htc mobile....Please let me know??
Jelly Bean from HTC? Has HTC said anything pro or con on an official JB for the Sensation?
HTC Desire bootanimation Here I am attaching the HTC Desire logo bootanimation.Enjoy.
HTC dumlock Nothing to see here. ResolvedSent from my HTC Raider on the Rogers Wireless Network
wp8 htc hd7 any one here got wp8 yet? is there any chance we can see wp8 rom for htc hd7?
looking for htc skin Are there any flashable zips for the HTC skins that come stock?
how to s off htc desire how to s off htc desire...........................................
What provider is it for? Is it for T-Mobile? What's the difference between HTC Touch Pro and HTC Diamond? How much are they?
SO hi guys I have a question is there a working version of HTC hub for the HTC rezound or is in not possible to have it?
help me plzz my htc one x stuck on htc one logo..not on htc boot screen i tried to change boot and recovery ...flash many roms but nothing ..still stuck ..
HTC One®$100 Trade In Offer
Is HTC One battery compatible with HTC One X? Is HTC One battery compatible with HTC One X? Is it possible to buy online a htc one battery and put it to my htc o...
HTC Calculator How do I disable the haptoc feedback from the HTC Calculator Application? I already have haptoc feedback off yet it vibrates still. Sent from ...
I am thinking about having a HTC 10. I am using HTC EYE. Thinking about switching. Will it be a good option? Should I go for HTC 10?  
I found a new name for HTC. It will be "Helm towards capability" Not bad right !!!! May HTC florish, HTC manufactured good smartphones
Htc sense skin Please can any one give me matte.apk skin for our htc one?Sent from my HTC One V using xda premium
How do I get the upgrade for my HTC Sensation How do I get the upgrade for my HTC Sensation ?? I have an unlocked Telstra HTC Sensation phone I'm using with...
help please!! where is my mobile??will you please search on it??howq can i find my mobile.they stolen it.i cannot find. this is the thc cha cha A810e.
HTC one x keep rebooting Hi, after trying to rerooting my HTC one x now my HTC keep rebooting please help me
Is there any major difference between HTC one & HTC one dual? I've to use dual sim in my cell phone & I want to buy HTC.My selected model is HTC one.if there is same features ...
There has probably been others who have asked this before but i've searched extensively and have not found a thread similar to this, but is there any ROM based on HTC Sense 6 th...
HTC Malaysia trade in HTC ON RM999 problem is,i unlocked bootloader before,relock it again last week if i go trade my phone,will they a...
The wall charger that came with my HTC One phone is htc part number 79h00120. The one I bought off Amazon is also HTC but it is part number 79h00108. What is the difference?...
What is the special thing you like in HTC phone or you can say in this brand. Rather than any other brands Post the HTC phone you are using and what you like in the ph...
HTC One S can't pass the HTC logo ops, I posted it in the wrong forum but I cant find an option to delete it
Hello, everyone Is there any (easy) way to transfer app data from a rooted HTC Desire to an unrooted HTC One?
Need some advice help me out! .... HTC Flyer 3G or HTC Jetstream 32GB, 4G? (if same price) Thanx
Any unbranded roms out there for HTC TITAN II or HTC Radiant ? I am looking for an unbranded rom for TITAN 2. Any hints ?
Htc pc49100 when power on htc logo and to solve ? if anyone know about this help me please.. Thanks in advice
hi, i have a htc one s. Who has experience with the HTC battery bar? My HTC is Always on and the standard battery is integrated in the Phone. Does the HTC battery bar (6000mAh) ...
Has anyone bought an unlocked ONE right from HTC USA store and presently running it on the Rogers network? I'd like to get the 64gig version directly from HTC. Any input from ...
Can I use htc one x roms on a htc one x +? There basically the unit with a slightly faster processor & more ram
I might be trading my HTC One S for an HTC 8X do you think this is a good deal and what are the pros and cons to each device? any tips? thanks
I am using HTC Explorer, by mistake I delete facebook for hTC SENSE. now I am unable to redownload it. plz help me.... Thanx in advance..
which is correct ?? my phone says HTC Incredible 2, the one that is stuck in demo mode ,which i posted in general..i just found here !! or is it a HTC Incredible S ?? th...
OK I've been enough with this phone and the petition that no one in HTC will see it. Therefore, i decide to sent them an email on what i think.] Senior Director ...
Hi, I have a device HTC One XL+ (AT&T). Can I install cyanogenMod ROM for HTC One XL (evita) on HTC One XL+ (evitaUL). I have been searching cyanogenMod for HTC One XL+ sinc...
Are there any difference between an AT&T HTC One and an unlocked HTC One (bought directly from the HTC website)? Also the HTC One Google Play edition, what's the differences?...
Hi Guys, I'm planning to buy HTC Phone please tell me whose battery backup is good among these three HTC explorer HTC desire C HTC Wildfire S t...
Why is htc one s more expensive than htc one x Hi can anyone tell me that why is the htc one s more expensive than one x as one x has a bigger screen a quadcore ...
can htc DHD upgrade to htc butterfly rom? can htc DHD upgrade to htc butterfly rom?Sent from my MT11i using xda premium
Why my phone has no built in HTC calculator and HTC hub ??? 4.1.1 and HTC sense 4+Sent from my HTC One S Special Edition using xda app-developers app
Thought I should start a threat on HTC A9. According to online source, it will be unveiled tomorrow. Hopefully this time HTC comes out with something to look forward to.
I looked in the app launcher>Tools and its not there, I did a search in the app launcher and its not there. Any clues?
Is htc rezound gsm phone Is htc rezound a gsm phone and can it be used with any gsm sim in other countries.
hox htc logo stuck help with my hox hang in htc logo before was cwm now how to format flash
htc g2 motherboard i ws wondering is the htc g2 and desire z hve the same mothrboard
Htc one s wifi issue Please help me please Sent from my HTC One X using xda premium
Can anyone please tell me how i can remove htc synce manager from my mac now i cant use my htc one s as an external drive
Hi all! there is an app out there to add "HTC" on the taskbar at the top right corner as in htc hub notification? thx!
Browse Is there any way to browse Or is there a list of OTAs?
Which RUU is the newest for HTC One V? Hello, Which RUU is the newest for HTC One V?
Htc One V browser What internet browser is fast on HTC ONE V but also use little ram?
Hi Does anyone know how much does HTC service centre charge to replace the battery on the HTC One M7?
Is HTC Sync compatible with MAC ?I have had my HTC one for 8 days and so far not been able to transfer any files between the mac an the phone John
HTC Music Player Please remove - wrong forum. / Sent from my HTC IncSusing XDA Premium App /
htc camera Is there a way to use htc camera with non-sense rom?. Camera is the only "thing" that hold me to sense.
HTC stock rom???? how do i know about my stock rom on my htc one s c2?? i run cm9. and its CID is HTC__J15.
unlock htc jetstream Hi I have a tablet htc jetsteam However, the SIM card does not support How can I unlock this tablet?
One of my friends is going to buy HTC 10. He is looking for original user's review. Anyone of this forum is using HTC 10?  
HTC Desire V so people as there is no separate section for HTC Desire V ...! i request to use this as of now,...!
HTC IME for Jelly Bean Is there a working HTC IME mod for Jelly Bean yet? I cannot any other keyboard.
mediascape for htc sensation Please,is there is a mod for htc sensation? Mediascape from sony ericson, I want to divide the shape by names
gorilla glass for htc vivid? super noob question, can i install gorilla glass in a htc vivid?
htc HD7 Andriod? Hi Brothers Is There Any News About Adroid Rom For HTC HD7 ? I wait Reply Soon
HTC Shift X9500 Hi, I bought HTC Shift X9500, how Can I enable the GPS and telephone? What have i must do to enable it? Please help
The HTC EVO 3D had some silicone ones, which I loved. The EVO Shift had a hard plastic one which I also loved. Are there any for the HTC EVO LTE??
Can I have 4G on my HTC One X ? Hello Wanted ask is it poss. to have LTE (4G) on my HTC One X ?
HTC flashlight Can someone please post the HTC flashlight.apk? Got a new lte for daughter and it's not up on the hub. Thanks
HTC One x+ or DNA Which one would you rather buy and why? Sent from my HTC Vision using xda app-developers app
New HTC Tampered? what is possible that my Htc One S, that is new, is TAMPERED (Locked and S.On are ok)
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